Promotional Emails in Different Flavors

Every online business sends promotional emails these days and for a good reason: they work. But, not every brand is designing and crafting them in a manner that it captures the attention of its subscribers.

Here are five great examples of promotional emails from online fashion retailers who are doing it right. Use them as inspiration to design your own promotional emails.


1. Use Creative Subject Line like Banana Republic



Subject line: Too hot out? Stay in and shop.

As I received this email from Bananarepublic, it immediately captured my attention with its clever subject line. They have also effectively utilized the preheader space which compliments the subject line and exactly tells me what is in it for me.

Clean and airy in design, they’ve used fantastic colors and image to stand out in the inbox. Also, the email is divided into sections to make it easier to grasp at a glance.


2. Use Your Product Images’ like DKNY

Subject line: Keep the Season Sizzling with Our Hottest LBDs

I love this email from It’s fantastically designed to let the product image (Dress) do all the talking. The image and background are in perfect contrast to each other and the CTA is also designed and placed in a manner that it’s nearly impossible to skip it. Also, they’ve included just the right amount of copy that goes well with the image.

The subject line of the email is crafted to get the readers excited right away.


3. Use Urgency in Your Subject Line like Shoemint


Subject line: Time’s Running Out: $50 Shoes

The subject line of this email from Shoemint encouraged me to open it immediately. They clearly knew that urgency is a great motivator to get people to take an instant action. Also, I loved the big, bold headline and the bright pink logo that they’ve used to emphasize the urgency in the upper body of the email.

4. Use Personalized Subject Line like Dorothy Perkins


Subject line: Reshu, Shop & Save With £25 Off Your Order Today!

The subject line of this email grabbed my attention because it has my first name in it. According to the Experian Email Marketing Study, “personalized promotional emails were shown to lift transaction rates and revenue per email six times higher than non-personalized emails.”

And the other thing which I liked the most about this email from Dorothy Perkins is that they understand that not everybody is going to spend the same amount, so they’ve clearly divided the offer into three brackets. Also,  they have divided the email into different categories to give people options and I think that’s a good way to change up the regular promotional email design.


5. Focus on Your Top Rated Products, Not Promotion and Discounts like Williams Sonoma


Subject line: Shop Top-Rated Food

One of the easiest way to entice people to try your product is to promote your top rated products. Remember, people like buying products based on other people’s experiences. If other customers like it chances are high that they will also try it.

The design of this email is very clean and airy with imagery to capture the attention of the readers.

Now, for those of you who are already sending out great promotional emails, here are a few more ideas on how to take it to the next level:

  • Segment your customers on the basis of their browsing or buying history to send relevant promotional emails. For example, if someone has browsed few products of a particular brand, you can send them promotions and discounts related to that brand.
  • A/B test your promotions to see what works for you. For example, you can check “Free Shipping” versus “Discounts” to see which one is doing well.
  • Create a series of promotional emails and see which one works best and optimize the rest accordingly.


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