5 Effective Examples of Thank You Emails

The most important aspect of email marketing is that it gives you an opportunity to engage your users at every touch point. So show your customers that you care by sending them email campaigns with an aim to build a relationship rather than just to sell. There are a number of triggered emails from welcome to win back which can be used to drive up your engagement and sales. But thank you email is one such email which when used effectively can encourage your prospects/customers to become loyal customers. These emails are a great way to show your prospects as well as customers how much you care for them and how valuable they are for your business..

A thank you email is a great opportunity to engage your visitors/subscribers. Here are a few examples which can be used as inspiration to connect with prospects and customers to bring them back to your website, boost sales, promote certain products, and more.


 1. Williams-Sonoma Sends you a Thank You Email When you Browse their Site


thank you emails


Subject line: Thanks For Your Interest In: WILLIAMS-SONOMA SPRING LOLLIPOPS

Browse abandonment email is a good way to encourage prospects to revisit your site. Williams-Sonoma has intelligently crafted this mail to reconnect with prospects without looking salesy at all. Instead of saying you have browsed their products they have used a customer service tone by saying, “Thanks For Your Interest In: {the specific category}, for example, I browsed for lollipops and this is what the email subject line reads “Thanks For Your Interest In: WILLIAMS-SONOMA SPRING LOLLIPOPS,” which is a great way to personalize it with my browsing behavior. The subject line as well as the copy of the email emphasizes on the word Thank You. They have strategically placed the CTA in the preheader as well as the copy to induce me to go on and take the desired action. The great thing about this email is that it completely matches their site which is a good way to do brand building.


 2. DSW Sends a Thank You Email When you Add Something in Their Wishlist




Subject line: Thanks for using your Wish List–the fun is only beginning!

Designer shoe retailer DSW sends an email shortly after you add something in the wishlist. They don’t show you the product you added in your wishlist but simply mention the benefits of using their wishlist feature.

The design of the email is clean and elegant, the copy is concise but effective and they have given it a personal touch by mentioning the prospects name and reward number just below the header.


3. Asos Sends You a Thank You Email When you Add Product(s) in the Shopping Cart




Subject line: Thank you for your recent visit

Email is an extremely effective tool for recovering abandoned shopping carts. Asos.com creatively uses cart abandonment email to build relationship as well as boost sales. The subject line along with the copy of the email is crafted in a manner that it looks more like an automated customer service email. The tone of the email is friendly and conversational and they have used the preheader to promote their social profiles.


4. Etsy Sends you a Thank You Email to Offer Loyalty Discount



According to a study, “Repeat customers spend as much as 33% more when they shop than casual customers”. Etsy offers a discount coupon to their repeat customers within their thank you email to show how much they appreciate and value them. It uses the message not only to thank them for purchasing from them but also makes an effort to convert them into loyal customers by offering a loyalty discount.


5. Home Depot Uses Thank You Email to Inspire Loyalty & Upsell




Home Depot uses thank you email to build loyalty and increase repeat sales. Instead of directly sending loyalty discounts to customers it encourages them to sign up for its saving deals. This is a good way to induce customers to stay connected and keep coming back to your site time after time.

Also it uses its thank you email to upsell by showing the products that customers may find interesting with relevant information including some social proof by including star ratings from reviewers. The email also features other resourceful links to educate and engage the subscriber.

There are a number of emails that ecommerce sites can send to stay connected with the subscribers. But what makes thank you emails so special is that they can delight the recipients and can go a long way in building loyalty and increasing repeat sales.



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