Top SEO Myths Debunked

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding SEO as it always has an ever-changing face. Many leading search engines change their algorithms almost every day. The spectacular evolution of like social networks makes matters still worse. Some SEO tactics which worked before may no longer be relevant. Some of the top SEO myths are:

Need to Post Content Constantly

Many people have the wrong impression that they need to post new content constantly to be successful in SEO. It is simply wrong. Search engines are mostly interested in the relevance of the content. Addition of new content comes next. If your content is relevant to the search phrases of users, which is determined by a lot of on-page and off-page factors, then your website will rank high in search results.

Title Tags and Meta Tags Don’t Matter

The relevance of title tags and Meta tags is one of the most neglected aspects of on-page SEO. It is very simple to add primary target keywords at the beginning of your title tag, but many people title their home pages as ‘Home’. It is also good to add a 160 character Meta description incorporating your target keyword phrase. This will increase the chances of people clicking on your website from the search results.

Should have Lot of Backlinks

Links from other websites to yours’ (backlinks) help in building authoritativeness of your website in the eyes of search engines. Some SEO experts feel that the more the number of backlinks to your website the more popular your website becomes. But, it is good to get some targeted backlinks from reputed websites rather than lots useless backlinks from low quality websites without any authority.

Social Bookmarking Links Don’t Count for SEO

Social networks are getting increasingly popular. So, the presence of social bookmarking links on your website is very crucial for your SEO success. Nearly 14 percent of the ranking power is derived from social networks like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Social networks allow the visitors of your website to share the content they like with others which will increase its popularity.

SEO is a One Time Job

Many people have a false notion that SEO is a one time job. It is not possible that your website will rank top for your targeted keyword phrase and stay there without the need for any further changes. The reality is that your competitors always want to dethrone you from the top post and keep on trying for that. The only way to stay at the top is to keep on optimizing your website to stay at the top. Always, consider SEO as an ongoing journey.

SEO has been Replaced by Social Media

Many SEO experts are now thinking that social media has replaced SEO. Search engines are needed to find everything you want even in all the social media content. Social media has in fact expanded on SEO. SEO experts should always remember that search will be always around. Search may be more important in future as more content is shared online through social networks.

SEO has certainly crossed its infancy. But, as is the case with any new industry, there are a lot of myths and faulty procedures practiced which create a lot of confusion. Debunking the above myths will help you to succeed in this ever changing dynamic field.

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