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Use Cases

cart recovery software

Send personalized notifications to your customers through cart abandonment emails that contain cart product details

cart abandonment software

Create urgency in the minds of customers. Share the products that were lost due to cart abandonment and increase your funnel conversion rate

recover lost cart

Keep connected with your customers. Send drip campaigns to ensure you don't miss out


We show you a complete overview of your customer profile (data you can’t get anywhere else), so you know exactly how to target and re-engage with your abandoners.

Get your timing right every time with features like the best day to connect and the best time to connect.

shopping cart abandoned software
Abandoned Shopping Cart


Real-time campaign metrics shows the number of carts abandoned, the value of those carts, and the number of carts that have been recovered.

Use these metrics to measure how much revenue you have recovered, your recovery percentage, and the effectiveness of your abandoned cart email program.


Not all cart recovery mailers are created equal.

With Betaout you can create highly targeted emails by using advanced filters such as cart value, category, brand, product, and segment. So instead of sending a default email to everyone, you can customize your messages to get better conversion.

cart abandoned recovery
Cart Recovery Email


Our template gallery has beautiful responsive email templates that renders perfectly across all devices.

All these templates are fully customizable. You can customize your subject lines, content, and creatives to better match your brand. You can create your own custom email templates too.

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Love It

"I love Betaout for the ability to easily create customer segments and then personalize and automate our marketing. Their support is top-notch and they have great templates for emails."

Goonjan Mall
Founder at Online Prasad

Must Have

"We've been using Betaout for quite some time now to get a better understanding of our customers and to stay connected with them using email and other forms of engagement."

Srishti Kush
Founder at Sheroes

Highly Recommended

"Betaout is an amazing product. My marketing team loves it. Would highly recommend them to any ecommerce company who wants to build long lasting relationship with their customer base."

Ankur Malhotra
AVP-Marketing at PayTM

Efficient Automation

"Betaout has been quite useful in improving efficiency of the campaigns we run on different channels, the segmentation and automation features they have are really helpful."

Shrey Sehgal
Founder at Flower Aura

All-In-One Cart Recovery For Your Entire Team

abandoned cart tool
Cross Channel Cart Recovery

Target your abandoners across all
the channels, including SMS, push, on site, and email.

abandon shopping cart
Real Time Validation

Abandoners who converted in the midst
of the campaign were removed from the list automatically and no further email will be delivered to them.

decrease shopping cart abandoned
Lost Cart

Abandoner who received a complete email series and haven’t
converted will be removed from the list automatically, and no further email will be delivered to them.

abandoned cart recovery
Automatic Cart Regeneration

We regenerate cart sessions so that no matter which device your email
is opened on your customers will have a seamless shopping experience.

Top cart recovery tools
Anti-Gaming Technology

Sometimes customers abandon carts on purpose, just to
receive a discount. Enable anti-gaming to prevent these customers from abusing the system.

 shopping cart abandoned solutions
Timely Messages

You can set-up email sequence
with pre-set triggers that allows you to schedules in terms of minutes, hours, or days.

reduce cart abandoned
Category Based Mailer

Send different emails to abandoners
by the category in which they have abandoned.

ecommerce cart recovery
Email Sequence

Choose how many individual
follow-up email campaigns you’d like to send to recover your lost carts and set-up a sequence.

Abandoned Cart Analytics
Abandoned Cart Analytics

Real-time analytics show you an overview statistics of
your cart recovery program so that you can calculate your conversion rate in no time at all.

shopping cart abandoned rate

Make your abandoned cart emails personal with
the personalized salutation, as well as by dynamically including the items left behind.

cart abandoned software
Customizable Cart Windows

Choose when to send an email after a
cart has been abandoned, our send times are fully configurable.

Top Cart Abandonment Softwares
Deep Segmentation

Segment your abandoners into different categories
like first-time abandoners, high-value abandoners etc. to send targeted recovery emails.

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