10 Proven Benefits Of Marketing Automation Solutions For Your Business


Automation is on the brink of revolutionizing our daily lives – almost in a science fiction-esque way. You would agree that today we have access to refrigerators that tell us when we’re out of certain commodity, washing machines that can do our laundry while we’re busy working, and the automated thermostat that can regulate temperatures to automatically save energy. One group of people who’ve been able to get the maximum benefit from automation are marketers. Marketing automation solutions are enabling marketers to automate the delivery of their messages out to the right person, at the right time.

Marketing automation solutions

The best marketing automation software is ones which even allow multichannel capabilities, allowing marketers to get across the right message to the right person on the right platform. Marketing automation solutions have made functions and processes easier, less taxing, and more convenient than ever before – freeing up marketers’ valuable time and energy to focus on other crucial tasks than just doing all things manually. In this article, we’ll discuss what marketing automation solutions are, along with a list of 10 benefits that marketers can benefit from using the best marketing automation software.


Marketing automation solutions


  • What are Marketing Automation Solutions?

Marketing Automation solutions refer to the software platforms and technologies which are designed for marketing departments in organizations to automate and streamline their marketing efforts across online marketing channels such as email, social media, push notifications etc.

Marketing Automation solutions have become an integral part of e-commerce, as the best marketing automation software companies like Betaout have been able to combine different aspects of e-commerce marketing such as audience segmentation, customer relationship management and omnichannel engagement and more – all in a single tool.


  • Benefits Of Marketing Automation Solutions

Best Marketing Automation software has a ton of benefits ranging from cost optimization to ease of use, thanks to the rapid innovation taking place in the SaaS industry. Here are a few of the benefits provided by all marketing automation solutions:

  • Multiple Engagement Channels: Marketing automation solutions provide marketers an opportunity to engage with their audience across multiple engagement channels. The best marketing automation software like Betaout take this a step even further by bringing all the channels, namely – Email, SMS, Browser Push, Mobile Push, On-Site Marketing and Facebook Retargeting in a single dashboard to be consumed effectively.

  • Zero Dependency On Tech Team: The best marketing automation software available is easy to set up and to implement. This means that marketing employees don’t also have to be tech specialists to ensure their campaigns are being executed successfully. One of the top benefits of marketing automation solutions is that you can set up your campaigns only once and then automate the entire process once and for all.

  • Boost Your Team Productivity: Using a marketing automation tool for your company virtually helps you double your workforce since your teammates do not have to spend their tasks on redundant tasks such as setting up campaigns again and again. Once you have a tool which automates such tasks and does more at your disposal, you will experience a spike in team productivity.

  • Advanced Targeting Capabilities: One of the biggest benefits of using Marketing Automation to automate your customer engagement is that you get to hyper-target your audience based on customers’ behavioral, demographic and social data – to the last data point possible. The best marketing automation software has the capability of segmenting your audience on a number of factors to help you target them better.

  • Exceptional Return On Investment: The best marketing automation software gives you a complete bang for a buck. According to Salesforce, on average, marketing automation companies have been able to increase revenues by 78% for their clients. This benefit makes using marketing automation for your company an imperative decision, one which would cost you money if not implemented.

  • Swift and Seamless Deliverability: It is well-known that technology makes processes extremely efficient and effective. Such is also the case with customer engagement automation tools. Due to their swiftness and seamlessness, more and more companies are adopting it as a medium to engage with their customers. Moreover, there are no human errors involved when you use a marketing automation tool, hence assuring you of delivery every single time.

  • Works Efficiently At Large Scale: Suppose you have a contact database of a million users. The only way that you can effectively engage with your customers is by making use of a marketing automation tool. By using only the best marketing automation software available you have a guarantee of being able to execute your strategies and campaigns without any hurdles.

  • Easily Trackable With Rich Analytics: Best marketing automation software such as Betaout provide you with rich analytics, which is actionable in nature. Hence, you can track the performance of your e-commerce store, your marketing campaigns and everything else – all in a single tool with just a click of a button. Plus, all of the actions and events that happen on your online store get updated in real-time on the marketing automation tool that you use.

  • Helps Nurture Customer Relationships: Engaging your customers in a timely and contextually relevant manner is one of the keys to success for any consumer business. Nurturing customer relationships become a breeze when you are using a marketing automation tool for the same purpose. Customer intelligence tools like Betaout help you target and nurture customer relationships with highly-personalized messaging.