10 Signs That Prove You’re A True Email Marketer


Let’s face it, email marketing is way too complex and challenging than it seems on the surface. We’ve all heard how great a channel email marketing is. From having an exceptional ROI of 3800% to immediate deliverability, email marketers have a tough time making sure that their time and efforts pay off expectedly. After all, they’re hired to do a job which requires keeping abreast with the know-hows of all things email.

Email marketers are obsessed with a lot of things, all of which impact how successful their email campaigns are in terms of both deliverability and conversions. In this article, we’ve put down a list of signs which you’re sure to show if you’re an email marketer. Let’s find out what are some typical actions and behavior that can tell anyone you’re an email marketer.


1. You admit to signing up on your competitor’s email list, just to mark their emails as spam (or to monitor their email sending policy)


If you’ve ever done this, you could be suffering from a mild case of schadenfreude (pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune). Jokes apart, the reason you’ve probably signed up on your competitor’s email list is that you wanna pay close attention to your competitor’s email sending policy. This helps you incorporate best practices that you could be missing in your email marketing strategy, and improve as an email marketer.


2. You have an OCD for text-to-image ratio


Email marketers know how important it is to maintain the text-to-image ratio. As a general rule, it is the best way to avoid ending up in the dreaded spam folder. Most email clients block images by default. With this in mind, you should include text that summarizes the main point of your message: the offer, the announcement, the transaction taking place, the action for the customer to take, etc. You also recommend everyone to use alt-text in their emails. Alt text is the alternative text that appears when images aren’t loaded in an email or are blocked by the user/email client.” Here is an example of the same.

Email Marketer


3. Your nirvana moment is to see an unsubscribe button next to the sender info for your emails in Gmail


If you don’t know what we’re talking about, subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll show how exactly an unsubscribe button could make an email marketer elated with joy. If you have a great sender reputation, Gmail provides your email with a special button next to your name and sender email ID in your recipients’ inboxes. Below is an example from Betaout customer Habba.

Email Marketer


4. You really want Inbox Actions in your emails, but Gmail hates you


Every email marketer knows how amazingly Gmail Quick actions can make your emails stand out. Gmail Quick Actions help you take actions without you having to leave the comfort of your inbox, by surfacing important information as call-to-action “buttons” that appear at the end of your email subject line. Gmail Quick Actions are specifically for the transactional emails and Google has very strict rules for this. If you’re hearing this term for the first time, check out this blog post on how using Gmail Quick Actions can improve your transactional emails.

Email Marketer


5. You’re a proud owner of devices of all screen sizes and never forget to carry an external monitor around, just to check the responsiveness of your emails.


As an email marketer, you’re very particular about the responsiveness of your email campaigns – your emails just have to render perfectly or else all hell breaks loose. Before every email campaign is sent out, you make it a point to check its responsiveness on devices of all types and sizes. You design your emails to adapt to whatever device your audience is on so that you don’t miss a chance to convert a lead just because they’re on one type of device instead of another. It all makes sense, given the fact that responsiveness of an email affects the receiver’s experience considerably.

Email Marketer


6. You can share a plethora of knowledge on warm-up, segmentation, and all things email


Working with emails all day long has sure turned you into an email master of sorts. You can talk about everything from subject line best practices to how to carry out a domain warm-up process, all day long. Having such vast amount of knowledge has made your friends and peers keep you occupied with their email queries. Although, you can’t deny enjoying the fame it has brought you!


7. You despise HTML emails which do not have {{canspam}} info and unsubscribe link


You know that for compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (and most international spam laws), you must allow recipients to unsubscribe from your emails. Not only is this a requirement, it is simply good practice. If a recipient is no longer engaged with your emails, you know how important it is to make it easy for them to stop receiving them. As an email marketer, you simply despise HTML emails which do not have can-spam info and/or an unsubscribe link. The standard placement for the unsubscribe link is at the bottom of the email. Here’s an example from Paytm.

Email Marketer


8. You have an ongoing cold war with the copywriter who can’t think of subject lines without using spam trigger words


As an email marketer, you know that one of the most popular ways to avoid spam filters is to steer clear of using certain words and phrases which are associated with spam emails or phishing attacks. These are words which are sure to raise a red flag for spam filters when used in an email. However, the copywriter is usually bent on making the email subject line and copy compelling by all means. Which is why he can’t think of subject lines without using words like free, % off, sale, cashback and more.

Email Marketer


9. You have dance moves dedicated for every time your email lands in the Primary tab


Getting your emails to land in the primary tab is the most satisfying feeling in the world for you. The sense of accomplishment that you receive from making sure an email lands in the user’s primary inbox reassures you that you’re doing your job well. Which is why any email marketer cannot help but to celebrate this achievement!

Email Marketer


10. The only reputation that concerns you is IP or domain reputation


You know how tough it is to win at the game of email deliverability, hence the only reputation that you’re always worried about as an email marketer is related to your IP or domain. You are ready to go the last mile to make sure that you do everything possible to keep both of these things in check. You know that the warm-ups that are done passionately, reap good returns in the long run.

Email Marketer

Email Marketer


Wrap Up


If you have these signs, you’re a true blue email marketer. If not, then mate, it’s time to hang out with the experts. Email marketing can be a challenging forte, and you wanna be sure that you’re a step ahead of your competitors at what you do. Why not start with the basics and move up the ladder? Follow our blog to get the insights, tips, and tricks to make it big as an email marketer.