11 Examples Of Great Welcome Emails For Ecommerce



A Welcome Email is an automated email that is sent by an online store when a new user signs up for their service or newsletter. It puts one in control of how new subscribers are introduced to the brand. Welcome emails are purpose driven emails written to carry the excitement of a new user toward a first positive experience with your product or service.  According to studies, subscribers who receive welcome emails show 33 percent more long-term engagement with a brand and are much more likely to make a purchase..

Following points are some of the reasons why sending welcome emails should be an essential component of any e-commerce store’s lifecycle email marketing strategy:

  • To get the users to move through the signup process.

  • To get the users to take the desired action so that they are delivered the value they were promised whilst signing up.

  • Reinforce the brand and expectations the user had set when they signed up.

  • Create trust and help establish a more personalized relationship with the customer.

  • Set the tone for the relationship to follow.

In this article, we’ll show you 11 examples of highly effective welcome emails from e-commerce businesses around the world, to inspire your own welcome email strategy.

1. Amazon

Great Welcome Emails

Amazon’s welcome email truly reflects how grand the online store is. The email focuses entirely on getting the user to walk through the functionalities and establishes its customer-centric core values right at the front. Notice how they’ve managed to introduce their Help & Customer Service page in the first line of the copy and encourages the user to read through it to get the most out of Amazon’s services.

The primary CTA focuses on getting the user to sign in to their Amazon account, as it is the first step of a user deriving any value from their services. In the bottom of the email, they’ve also successfully promoted their mobile app in a very subtle way.

2. Starbucks

Great Welcome Emails

Starbucks’ welcome email does the job it intends to. The image of their famous coffee cup, the consistent brand color scheme coupled with a copy which feels personalized – makes the email an aesthetically pleasing affair. The email gives the receiver three actions to choose from – managing their Starbucks profile, getting information about the Starbucks Card and joining their loyalty program. The use of social buttons at the bottom of the email has also been done effectively, by giving the user a link to almost every popular social media channel.

3. Michaels

Great Welcome Emails

American art and craft retail chain Michaels’ welcome email contains most of the indispensable elements of a great welcome email. After the thanking the user for signing up, the email tells what to expect in future emails in an explicit manner. The copy of the email emphasizes that Michaels’ want their email marketing campaigns to add value to the customer, which is why they encourage their customers to pick their own preferences. The discount coupon offered wraps up the email with a complete package to win the customer over, enticing them to make their first purchase.

4. Adidas

Great Welcome Emails

Adidas’ welcome email is really poignant. With quotes from famous celebrities like Jimmy Graham, Jeremy Scott, and Selena Gomez along with a social link; predominantly dark color scheme and an inciteful discount coupon all make up for a compelling welcome email. The use of red color in the CTA buttons really stands out. One of the great features of this email is the ingenious use of the preheader text, which says “Thank you for connecting with Adidas”. Pre-header text is a text which appears next to the subject line in an email client’s inbox.

5. Ann Taylor

Great Welcome Emails

US women apparel retail chain Ann Taylor’s welcome email hits the bull’s eye with their welcome email. The email contains everything necessary to make a welcome email effective – setting subscriber expectations upfront, a welcome offer, compelling copy, social buttons, and more. Notice how the pre-header text encourages the receiver to whitelist Ann Taylor’s sender address to ensure future deliverability.

6. Airbnb

Great Welcome Emails

Airbnb keeps it minimal with their welcome email by following the simple 1-2-3 approach with their welcome email. It tells the user the first three steps to take in order to make the most of their service. Notice how they’re not getting hard on selling and offer the user to simply search by using ‘Search Now’ in the CTA, instead of ‘Book Now’.

7. Crocs

Great Welcome Emails

Crocs’ welcome email is top-notch. What’s amazing to see is how Crocs relies on its product by showing imagery which showcases their product. The primary CTA encourages the user to “shop now” and is accentuated by the twenty-percent off coupon code.

8. Fab

Great Welcome Emails

This email from Fab is an instant eye-catcher. The upbeat copy along with the promise of free shipping, free returns and guaranteed smiles makes Fab look like a brand which puts the customer in the center. The email allows user to get in touch via mobile by providing links to the Android and iOS app respectively and also encourages the user to set email preferences for a better experience over their lifetime.

9. Kate Spade

Great Welcome Emails

Kate Spade New York is an American apparel retailer and their welcome emails are nothing short of  brilliant. The design of the header is reminiscent of their website and overall the email focuses on thanking the user for signing up. Just like the other examples shared emails in this article, Kate Spade to gives the user an offer enticing them to make their first purchase.

10. Lyft

Great Welcome Emails

Cab-hailing company Lyft also takes a minimalistic approach towards their emails and gives the user an overview of how their service works. Since the service is app-based, they’ve shared an image of the app running on a phone. The CTA blends in well since it’s consistent with the colors of the brand.

11. Urban Outfitters

Great Welcome Emails

Urban Outfitters’ funky welcome email thanks to the user for signing up and gives them a way to explore the store and the blog. There are elements in the email which extend the promise that the company offers, like free shipping, free returns, and exchanges etc. The email also covers social buttons comprehensively and the links on the bottom redirect the user to various services of the website.

The welcome email is the most crucial aspect of a welcome email series campaign as it the first official email that is being sent from a brand and user is expected to pay maximum attention. We hope that this post will help you in ideating a welcome email strategy for your online store. If you wish to set-up and trigger automated welcome emails for your online store, try Email Marketing Tool For Ecommerce – Betaout.