13 Welcome Email Examples To Inspire Your Marketing Strategy


For SaaS companies, a free signup doesn’t mean the subscriber is going to use the service and will ultimately convert. So, the main purpose of a welcome email is not to pitch right away but to keep the trial users and new customers engaged. Welcome emails generate 4 times the total open rates and five times the click rates compared to promotional emails. The welcome email should should speak to the reader in a personalized tone, have a compelling subject line & copy, timely delivery, and a strong call-to-action.


Welcome Email Subject Lines

1. Welcome to [Company Name]

2. [Account Name], welcome to [Company Name]!

3. Get started with [Product Name]

4. Welcome to your [Product Name] free trial!

5. Welcome to [Product Name] – Getting Started


1. Dunked Welcome Email keeps it Simple

Dunked, a website that helps people create a personal portfolio of creative work, keeps it simple with no imagery. The message uses a friendly tone and includes important account information, links to its social media profiles and other resourceful links to get you familiar with the service.


2. Pocket’s Welcome Email Promotes Responsive Design

Pocket’s welcome email is clean & simple. The email promotes the app’s responsive design across desktop and mobile devices. The ‘Read it later’ app aims to get its users install the app across their multiple devices for a seamless experience and the email message too outlines the same. The footer includes links to their blog and social media profiles.



3. Free WebStore Welcome Email Outlines The Next Steps 

Free WebStore offers a personalised message to new users with a clear call-to-action on the top. The email also includes immediate next steps to get the users familiar with their platform. The email is structured in a colourful format to highlight each step without getting distracted.


4. Podio Welcome Email is Simple & Helpful

Podio gives a human touch to its welcome message with a conversational tone & a personalised message using the first & last name. The email also includes useful links for users to kickstart with a strong call to action at the bottom. The footer includes email settings to adjust your email preferences and an unsubscribe link.



5. Zopim Welcome Email is Helpful

Zopim welcome email is simple but effective. The personalised touch and conversational tone makes an impact. The subject line is also persoanlized with the account name “[Account Name], welcome to Zopim!” The email also includes complete details of the free trial period & all the platforms it can be seamlessly synced with.

6. OpenAirplane Welcome Email has a Strong CTA

Open Airplane offers a simple welcome message with a strong brand connect with the header image & a bold call-to-action.



7. Teambox Welcome Email is Simple but Helpful 

Teambox knows that a user needs to add his team to kickstart using the project management tool. The welcome email suggest step-by-step process tutorial to get the user into action.


8. Buffer Welcome Email Offers a Human Touch

Buffer welcome email takes time out to welcome new users and engage them early rather than being pushy to start using their app. The founder has personally introduced himself in the welcome email to make a great first impression on the subscriber. The subject line too shows who it is coming from, “Joel from Buffer – Amazing to have you on board!” The email asks the new users to download buffer’s browser extension to make buffer a part of their online habit.


9. EVERNOTE Welcome Email Offers Step-by-Step Instructions

Evernote email message builds a strong brand connect with its header. The email is crafted to be help new users get into action with a checklist. The message also asks the users to download the app on all of their devices to seamlessly manage their notes & files.



10. iCloud Welcome Email is Informative

iCloud welcome email is informative and outlines the benefits of using the service to sync to their computer.


11. Hootsuite Greets Customers with Jumpstart Guide for Onboarding

The Hootsuite team welcomes its new users onboard with a useful jumpstart guide to get them into action. Besides including tips to create and manage your social media dashboard, Hootsuite welcome email also includes links to all its apps and webinars.



12. Twilio Welcome Mail Features Quickstart Guide

Twilio’s welcome email is designed to ease on-boarding new customers and includes links to their demo applications, quickstart guide to get new customers into action, besides support forum link for issue communication.



13. Flow welcome Email is Minmalistic Yet Convincing

Flow’s welcome email is short & simple with focus on getting started. The subject line too is highly focused “Getting started with Flow.” The catchy phrase on the top & a clear call to action too makes it all about getting the users into action. The email also builds the curiosity of the subscriber by including there’s more educational emails to come but not before you’ve enough time to checkout the flow. So, no rush…Flow is trying to build a relationship here with its potential customers. The social platforms included in the welcome email is another sign of trying to cultivate a relationship.