17 Examples Of Great Welcome Emails For E-commerce

A welcome email is a way to engage your new users. Besides confirming your subscription, the welcome email is the first chance to proactively engage your new subscriber and let him know how he can benefit from your email program. A welcome email includes account information of users and it also offers an opportunity to feature your new collection, a promotional welcome offer or free incentive like free shipping or build your brand’s first impression. A study by Experian says that welcome emails have 4x higher open rates in comparison to run of the mill emails. Welcome emails are also the most popular event driven emails.

Most retailers send their welcome emails immediately after the customer has performed any action on your site like sign-up or has bought something. A welcome email is most effective when sent immediately as that is when the subscriber is most likely to open them. The more the delay, the less effective a welcome email is.


1. ULTA Welcome Email Offers Clean Design

The beauty store offers a refreshing design outlining their welcome email series, telling readers what to expect from them in future. The email also includes a limited period discount creating urgency to start shopping.



2. Selfridges Welcome Email is Nice & Simple

The high-end department store has kept it minimalistic, but at the same time has included a navigation link right in the welcome email for an easy start. Rather than pushing you to start shopping, the marketers at Selfridges has gone a step further making it easy for customers to personalise their experiences.


3. Crate & Barrel Welcome Email Showcases Selective Products

The furniture store has provided a clear call-to-action besides including selective links to few of its collection to help out the new shoppers.


4. Pottery Barn Welcome Email is Minimalism at its Best

With a clear call-to-action at the top, the home decor store also includes links to its social media account to stay updated about the latest at PotteryBarn. Besides the email also includes links to other useful resources including finding your local store.


5. DSW Welcome Email Offers Personalised Experience

The designer shoe store offers a personalised experience with by including customer’s first name in both the subject line and the message in order to build a relationship. There is also an incentive for the customers to follow the brand across its social media channels.


6. Steve Madden Welcome Email Offers Incentives to Customers

The designer shoe store offers incentives right in the subject line and in the copy besides free shipping to make it a lucrative proposition.


7. MRPORTER Welcome Email Offers Clear Value Propposition

The high-end store tells it customers upfront about what to look forward to in their email series to get them excited. The email offers a clear call-to-action.



8. eBay Welcome Email is Easy to Read

The online marketplace has kept its welcome email minimalistic and easy to read with a clear call-to-action.

10. West Elm Welcome Email is Simple & Effective

West Elm’s welcome email effectively uses a single image including links to its site and a promo code to get their customers started.


11. Piperlime Welcome Email is Interesting & Effective

Their welcome email is unique & creative and isn’t pushy or forceful at all. Includes just the right links.


12. Groupon’s Welcome Email is Addictive

The daily deals site clearly outlines why the readers should look forward to it. Besides the smart marketers at Groupon knows its all about building trust to shop online.


13. Jetsetter Welcome Email is Elite & Appealing

The flash sales sites for travelers has integrated multiple but clear call-to-actions for different actions. The email integrates social channels at the top & bottom.


14. Woot welcome email lists important shopping details customer needs to know

The American internet retailer  build its customers trust by outlining the details like shipping, tracking their shopped items preemptively.



15. REI’s Welcome Email

The outdoor gear store has done everything right with its welcome email; from a strong copy, to a clear call-to-action, and including other useful resources like the option to change your email preferences besides and locate a nearby store.



 16. Saks Fifth Avenue Welcome Email

The luxury department store has clearly mentioned its key features to convince subscribers that they have made a right choice as well as to encourage them to stay subscribed. The welcome email has highlighted the incentive that the subscribers will get.