3 Great Ideas for Your Welcome Email

First impressions are always important. Your welcome email is the first contact between you and your subscribers and the tone of these emails will play a major role in deciding whether your subsequent mails get opened by the subscribers or not. They should be designed in a manner that they create a good first impression, clearly show recipients the value of your business and encourage them to take a next step.

Here are 3 great ideas along with inspiring real –life examples to get you started.


1. Give them Reward(s) to Get Started

Incentivizing people is a good way to get them started. Offering them something like a coupon or discount will act as an instant motivator and will encourage them to become a new customer from a new subscriber. Here is an example:



Subject line: Welcome. Enjoy 20% off your next order.

Crocs shows how to use your welcome email to boost your sales. Minimalist in design but this email includes everything to entice the reader: compelling visuals, great copy, effective CTA, important links and most importantly incentives to induce recipient to take an action.


2. Give them Reason(s) to Explore More

It takes a lot of efforts to encourage people to give their email ids and once you have that it’s extremely important that you encourage them to stay connected and induce them to explore more. Welcome email offers you this opportunity and its a powerful way to build relationship with your new subscribers. Here is an example:



Subject line: Thanks for signing up for Hotels.com email

Hotels.Com has efficiently used the welcome mail to give teasers about their services which provokes the subscribers to know more about them. The clean email design has a perfect balance of text and images. The first part of the mail talks about their USP’s and the welcome rewards, where they have effectively included a couple of links and a helpline number. The second half features beautiful images of hotel rooms along with CTA links to their directory pages. Third layer features the subscriber’s membership number and again talks about their welcome reward in detail.


3. Introduce Your Brand

Remember that most people subscribe to an email list when they are interested in learning about your brand. Welcome email offers you an opportunity to tell people what your brand is all about when they are most interested in knowing it.

Subject line: Welcome to Hipmunk

Hipmunk successfully uses its welcome email to tell the subscribes how to start with it. 
The mail talks about their major features along with one liners about how it works. Clean design, scannable content, well designed and placed CTAs button makes it super effective.