5 Effective Examples of Well-Placed Call to Action in Email Campaigns

Almost every email campaign is designed to market something, be it a product, service, or content. And no matter how well designed your email is, you need to be clear about your objectives, i.e. what action you want your subscribers to take to increase your email marketing conversions. A compelling call to action is the most important element of an email. The CTA should be designed and placed in a manner that your readers don’t end up missing it. It’s very important to clearly tell the readers what they have to do once they have opened the email. Most email marketers when creating an email campaign pay more attention to the subject lines, design and content of the email, they tend to forget that these things can only increase the open rates of the email. But, if you want to improve the overall performance of your email, it’s crucial to pay attention to your CTAs as well. For an effective call-to-action, remember the 3 C’s: be clear, be concise, and be compelling.

 Here are few examples of brands that have implemented great call to action in their emails.


1. Spread Your CTA like Madewell.com




The design of the email is clean, structured, and gets straight to the point. You can instantly see the value proposition and the call to action in no time. The purpose and call to action are very clear. 

Two important tips:-

Firstly, the CTA stands out in the email with a perfect black & white contrast, and it fits well with the design of the email.

Secondly, the way Madewell has repeated its call to actions in this email is praiseworthy. They make it nearly impossible for you to miss the CTA. The text in the primary CTA button differs from the rest of the CTAs on the page which makes it look more personalized. The retailer smartly uses this cart abandonment email to up sell other items.


2. Place Your CTA at the Beginning of the Email Like Piperlime 



This promotional email from Piperlime features a bold CTA button right at the top to draw maximum eyeballs. “Recipients often only read the subject line or the first few lines of an email. Include your CTA early on in your email.” 

Placing your CTA early in the email is a good way to ensure that it gets seen, as many people don’t bother scrolling all the way to the bottom of the emails especially if its a promotional one.


3. Use a Classic & Crystal Clear CTA Button Like Hipmunk 


This email from Hipmunk is clean and simple in design. The copy of the email is casual and focuses on the benefits. The call to action of this email extremely effective and compelling due to two reasons: Firstly, it has used the vibrant orange color in the CTA button which is in contrast to the blue color theme of the template. The aim is to make the call-to-action button stand out from the rest of the page so that it’s glaringly obvious. Secondly, this CTA button clearly tells people what to do next. Also, the image used in the email is clickable and links to the homepage of the site to encourage people to visit the site.


4. Place Your CTA Button Strategically like The Body Shop



This email from The Body Shop has been designed in a manner that it’s showcasing the brand’s personality. They have strategically placed the primary CTA button on the top of the email in a manner that it’s both easier to spot as well as click. The secondary CTA has also been designed to stand out with an opportunity to cross-sell. 



 5. Use a Single Focused CTA Like Made.com



The design of the email is minimalist yet effective. Made.com has used a single but focused CTA which is strategically placed just above the welcome gift to encourage people to take an action. They have included three social links in the footer of the email, these links will work as a secondary call to action here especially because it’s a welcome email.

Hopefully, these email campaigns will provide some inspiration to get your email call to action to boost your click-through & conversion rates.