5 Elements of an Effective Promotional Email

Promotional emails are an extremely effective way to share your offers and deals with a large customer base. Stats say, “44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.”

As it’s the most inexpensive and easiest way to share your offers with your subscribers list, most of the brands/business owners are already using it. But not every promotional email can capture your reader’s attention unless it’s designed to do so. Here are a few elements which plays a crucial role in making your promotional email enticing and worth opening.


 1. Have a Compelling Subject Line

Subject line will determine whether your emails will get opened or will be trashed. “69% of email recipients report email as Spam based solely on the subject line.” So it’s extremely important for you to use an effective one that will entice the readers to open the email.

Here are few examples of effective subject lines:

The first one is from Piperlime.com, the focus of this subject line is on the offer as well as it’s creating a slight urgency to induce people to take an action.

The second one is from PizzaExpress.com, they have used a clear and upfront subject line to tell the recipients what is in for them.

The third one is from BananaRepublic.com, they clearly knew that  using a teaser or question is a good way to arouse curiosity. A subject line like this is a good way to lure readers to open the email.


 2. Include a Clear Call to Action

 You don’t just want your readers to open your email; you want them to take an action. A clear CTA will play a vital role in inducing readers to take the desired action. Give them a definite path by including a clear, concise and prominent call to action button. Given below is an example from Piperlime, they have included a perfectly innocuous CTA in this email. 



What makes this call to action so effective is that it’s designed in a manner that it’s standing out in the mail, just below the CTA they have clearly highlighted the period for which the coupon is valid to create urgency. Also, the CTA has been included just above the fold so that the readers can see it as soon as they click on the mail without even scrolling down.


3. Create an Enticing Offer

No matter how well designed your email is, subscribers will not take the desired action if it’s not offering any incentive to them. So, your offer should be designed in a manner that it can appeal to your audience and can entice them to take an action. This can be easily done by personalizing your offers on the basis of your recipients browsing or buying history. It’s a good way to make your offer more interesting and enticing to them. For example: Instead of informing customers about your every sale and offer you can inform them about the ones from which they have purchased last time or about a particular one in which they have shown some interest.


4. Include Few Relevant Links

Your promotional email should not be all about you and your offer. Even though offer is the main part of your mail but it should include few other relevant links to give people an option to take few other action(s) in case if they are not interested in redeeming your offer. Take a look at this email from ModCloth.com:



They have included three relevant links at the bottom of this email to give people an idea of what else is going on the site.  


5. Choose the Right Time to Send Your Message

The timing of your emails plays a major role in determining whether your messages will be read by the audience or not especially in the case of promotional emails, as they are normally about sales, special offers or events etc. If these messages are not timed properly chances of people redeeming these offers decreases substantially. Here is an example:



PizzaExpress sent me this mail on Friday afternoon which is a good technique. Since people are about to plan for their weekend on Friday evening sending them a mail just before that time will increase the chance that it will draw their attention.

Sending a mail on Monday morning and Friday afternoon normally decreases the open rate but it varies from industry to industry.


Takeaway: Your promotional email should be designed in a manner that it focuses more on what is in it for the recipients rather than your offer.