5 Great Examples of Email Campaigns That Create Urgency to Increase Conversions

The ultimate goal of every email marketing campaign is to increase conversions. But besides having an effective call to action, you must know how to optimize your email campaign to drive your subscribers to take action at the right time. Urgency is one tactic which when used correctly can prove very useful in lifting conversions. So, email campaigns which conveys a sense of urgency can compel the subscribers to take an instant action.

Depending on your offer, you can create urgency in your emails in many ways. Starting from email subject lines that convey a sense of urgency to email copy with a time-sensitive offer to take action right now and an effective call to action. Words like “urgent”, “important,” “act now”, “limited time only”, “buy now”, and “hurry” are all great word cues to initiate your prospects/customers to take quick action.

Here, are few effective examples to give you an idea of how to optimise your email campaigns by using urgency as a powerful psychological motivator.

1. Use your Welcome Email to Create a Sense of Urgency like Ulta.com

Ulta.com has used its welcome email to encourage people to enter in its sales funnel in a clever way. They have used a discount coupon to encourage subscriber to become a customer. The design of the email is simple and clean, the $10 off discount is the clear visual hero, but below it they have also mentioned the date on which the coupon will expire. This adds to the urgency of the email and likely increases the chance of people tanking a prompt action. 

7 in 10 people say they used a coupon or discount which was in the marketing email.  (Blue Kangaroo Study)

Other than this this email from Ulta.com is a great example of how to set realistic inbox expectations. Not only the email has clearly mentioned the frequency of future mailings but they have also clearly described what to expect from it.


2. Old Navy Creates Urgency by Saying its a Limited Time Offer



Old Navy clearly knew that creating a sense of urgency in the mind of the customer is a great way to compel them to take a prompt action, especially when offering discounts. The design of the email is basic but, they have creatively used color and fonts to highlight their value proposition and stands out in the inbox. The subject line of the email “FINAL HOURS: 30% Off Online Treat FOR YOU” is both attention grabbing as well as creating urgency that forces you to click on it and check the email. 


3. West elm Creates Urgency by Saying its a Clearance Sale



If you’re sending promotional emails, a limited period offer is a nice way to get subscribers to hop from their inbox to your site. But, now a days people used to get large number of promotion and discount emails and it’s easy to forget about the time period. West elm has used a different approach to create urgency and encourage people to take an instant action. Instead of saying it’s a limited period offer they have kept the focus on clearance to force you to take an instant action. Also, they have made things crystal clear by mentioning the exact discount on different categories.


4. Create Urgency in Retargeting Emails Like ModCloth



This cart abandonment email from ModCloth uses urgency to great effect by encouraging subscriber to complete the purchase. The email is simple but effective in design, it includes only one sentence of copy just below the item which was left in the cart, but it does relay a sense of urgency by saying that check out before the item sells out. Additionally, the subject line of the email is also very creatively designed which looks both appealing as well as compelling to encourage the subscriber to complete the purchase.


5. Use Your Message to Create Urgency Like Banana Republic 



Banana Republic goes up a notch creating a sense of urgency to drive the subscriber to take action on time and they have used an interesting concept to induce recipient to place an order. With a clear value proposition that the earlier you shop the bigger the discount has been clearly highlighted in their copy as well. The design of the email is clean and concise which makes it easier to read and understand what benefit the recipient will get by taking the desired action.

Ecommerce sites can use urgency in a number of way to drive more sales be it time-sensitive, low or soon to go out-of-stock or promotional offers. But it’s very important to craft your email campaign that persuades your buyer that they might lose a benefit if they don’t act immediately.