5 Key Elements of Cart Abandonment Email that Convert

If you ask any ecommerce store owner who is their biggest enemy, the answer would undoubtedly be the shopping cart abandonment.  As per a research conducted by Baymard Institute, on an average 67.89% of shoppers abandon shopping carts.  

No matter what type of product’s you are selling, if you sell online, you have to find ways to re-engage these lost shoppers to try to finalize the sale. You can’t leave this goldmine undug.

Drawing these lost shoppers back to their purchases requires that you reach out to these audience with a targeted message. Crafting a cart abandonment message that convert is not as hard as it seems, if you know what to focus on. Here are few crucial elements which will determine the success of your message.


1. Subject Line

The subject line of your cart abandonment messages doesn’t have to be fancy; it just has to personalized, clear and concise, to draw your recipient’s back to their purchases. It should clearly communicate to the audience what is in it for them.

Here are few examples:

I like this subject line from Fab.com for two reasons: Firstly, because it’s clearly telling me what I have left on their site. Secondly, it is creating a sense of urgency which encouraged me to open it immediately.

This one is from Limeroad.com, it catches my attention because it’s personalized with my first name. The thing which encouraged me to open it is its tone which make it look more like a helpful customer service message rather than a sales recovery tactic.


2. Preheader

The text that shows up in someone’s inbox next to the subject line before they open your email that is preview text also known as preheader serves a very important function. Like the subject line preview text also plays very crucial role in capturing your recipient attention. If used intelligently they will encourage your recipient to open your email. They can be used to add value or to elaborate your subject line.

Love the preheader text that accompanied this email below from Limeroad.com. I liked it because it was telling me exactly what I left in their shopping cart. Also, it’s going very well with this subject line and adding value to it.

Here is one more example of effective use of preheader text:

Madewell has effectively utilized the preheader space of its cart abandonment email and has given people one more reason to open its email. They have clearly mentioned the incentive in the preview text to induce people to open it.


3. Product Image & Price 

A cart abandonment email is not only about informing the subscriber that they left something in the cart, the accompanying copy needs to be personalized, relevant and should compel them to take an action. Adding the image and price of the product that they nearly bought can make all the difference and is a great way to prompt purchases. 

 Take a look at this email:


The email is very clean and airy in design. As soon as I open it the image of the product caught my eye. Fab clearly knew that high quality product images’ play very crucial role in inducing people to take an action, that’s why it has kept the focus of this message on its product image and CTA.


4. CTA 

CTA (Call to action) is the most important element of every email. It plays a significant role in determining whether your reader will take the required action or not. It should be designed in a manner that it looks subtle yet strong enough to induce the recipient to return to their shopping cart in a seamless way and complete the checkout process.

Here is an example:


The CTA of this email from Fab is in direct contrast to its background; to make it stands out on the email. Also, it’s placed strategically near the top in a manner that no one can miss it.


5. Layout

The layout of the shopping cart abandonment email should be simple and clean; focus should be kept on the key elements to make them compelling and attention grabbing to increase the click through rates.

Take a look at this email from Madewell.com:



The design of this email is fairly simple yet compelling. It includes just two sentence of copy before showing me the item which I left in their shopping cart. The USP of this email is its product image and CTAs; they are highlighted in a manner that make them look more impactful.


Any ecommerce store owner who wants to succeed should learn how to craft click worthy shopping cart abandonment emails, so that they can convert as many lost shoppers as possible.