5 Win-Back Emails To Retarget Lost Customers

A number of times your users can become inactive after opening a new account. It is extremely important to win back those users who have abandoned your application after an initial activity. Re-engaging your old customers or prospects is a lot easier than acquiring a new customer. A good win-back campaign can capture some of those inactive subscribers and can help you turn them into customers. A win-back campaign is also a sure shot way to increase email open rates as your customers have already given you their permission at one point. Check-out some of the win-back campaigns that are engaging without being too salesy.

1. Eventbrite Win-Back Email with New Features Announcement

Eventbrite is an online ticketing service that is trying to reclaim its lost users by sending them a win-back email which highlights some of the new features the company has launched in their absence.


2. SproutSocial Win-Back Email Pitches Feature Set

The social media management software is trying to win-back its lost users by highlighting its key features.



3. Postagram’s Win-back Email Reminds Users to Avail Credit Left in Their Account

Postagram’s win-back message is a simple reminder to its subscribers to use the credits left in their account while it also includes a promotional “Refer a Friend” offer to get more credits.



4. BuzzSprout’s Win-Back Email Makes it Exciting With the Latest Updates to Get You into Action

BuzzSprout has kept it fresh & simple with the steps layout. The exciting copy aims to get the inactive users into action by informing them about the latest design updates.



5. Verizon’s Win-Back Email is All About Personalization

Verizon’s re-engagement email is all about personalization; from using the first name, last name to the effective copy, and a thoughtful picture gives a personal touch to the message. The email also includes a special win-back offer with a strong call to action.