6 Excellent Examples of Emails that will Boost Your Sales

The ultimate goal of every email marketing campaign is to increase sales. A survey from McKinsey & Company proves that email is the most effective marketing tactic to gain customers-nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined. But, at times marketers tend to forget that the vital objective of an email campaign is to keep your customers engaged and build trust rather than doing the selling. Here are few excellent examples of targeted emails to turn your prospects into customers.


1. LimeRoad Email Driven by Subscriber’s Browsing History

LimeRoad uses browsing behavior of users to send intelligent recommendations. They know that targeted emails will encourage subscribers to visit the site again, which in turn will increase their conversions and sales. The email is simple and clean in design. Despite being image-heavy, it is not long or over-bearing. It has a personalized and well written subject line which clearly conveys what customers should expect from the mail. All the product images are clickable and leads to the landing page, which is a great way to drive viewer to the site and make it easier for them to purchase.



2. Etsy Offers Thank You Discount to Encourage Repeat Purchases

Etsy surely knows how to turn a customer into a repeat buyer. Sending special discount to new or loyal customers works really well. Giving thank you discount to customers can not only have direct sales benefits but will also help you in making them a loyal customer. The email from Etsy has a clean & user friendly layout which allows the user to get an easy access to the discount coupon. 



3. LimeRoad Email Induces Purchase by Creating Urgency

LimeRoad yet again gets it right by sending an email to the subscribers when the product they have browsed is about to go out of stock. It’s indeed a great way to create urgency and incite subscribers to take an action. The email is clean and simple in design and gets straight to the point. The subject line is personalized and clearly conveys what is in it for the subscriber. 




4. Lens.com Uses Customer’s Browsing & Buying Behavior to Turn him into a Repeat Buyer

Sending personalized and relevant offers in emails can drive up sales. It shows customers that the vendor is paying attention to what they are interested in purchasing rather than pitching them left and right, hence increases the chances of conversion. The retailer has personalized its email according to the customers buying behaviour to encourage them to reorder by informing them that the product they have ordered earlier has gone down in price. Also, they have used customer’s first name in the salutation to make the copy look more personalized. 




 5. The Body Shop Cleverly Uses its Review Email to Accelerate Sales

The Body Shop has interestingly created its email message which effectively serves both the purposes of encouraging the people to write a review as well as to buy more. The email induces people to purchase more but in a clever way. They have kept it simple and classic while injecting their brand personality into the email. The primary call to action is clear & strong and the retailer has used the additional space to upsell by showing a product recommendation without coming across as pushy.



6. ProFlowers Offer Incentives to Lure Back Lost Users

Offering incentive(s) is a good way to encourage abandoned cart users to complete the transaction. This email is great because it not only gives them incentives with a discounted price and reduced shipping costs, but also recommends few others products to make it more enticing. Also, it shows the original as well as mark down prices to make it easier for them to take a call along with a clear CTA button “Buy Now,” creating urgency to finish shopping.



Now, it’s your turn to tell us which email marketing tactics you use to drive more sales. Thanks for reading, and we’re looking forward to your comments!