7 Killer Examples of Onboarding Emails

Onboarding emails are a crucial part of every email campaign. Once a new user signs up, he might or might not trial run your app/service at all, simply because he is busy. It’s very important to engage your first time users especially for SAAS companies. 

The early days when a user has signed up for your product or service, is also the time when they are hoping to hear from you and may have any questions about using your services. Onboarding messages done right can give a little push to get them started without coming across as pushy. Onboarding emails helps you to engage your prospects and find value in your product to get them into action. Onboarding email involves a mix of polite pitching & educating your users to start using your product.


1. Picplum reminder email sent to new users asking them to add photos

Picplum, a photo printing service knows that users who add photos are likely to convert more than those who haven’t. ‘Adding photos’ is one of their primary actions. A friendly reminder sent after a few days of signup can surely boost user-onboarding.

The email also includes a question & answer format to address the common concerns the new users might have. The footer space has also been effectively utilized to include referral link & adjust notification preferences.



2. Nimble asking users to add team members

Nimble is a social CRM and it knows that if a new user invites his or colleagues or team members, the chances of all team members being more engaged is higher. So, a gentle reminder is being sent to all those users with new account who haven’t added team members in a given time period. The email itself includes quick instructions on how to add a new user into your account. 

The email also includes a single call to action linking back to a case study to inspire new users and build trust. The email also puts an effort to engage the users early by including links to their social platforms in the pre-header.



3. Dropbox asking new users to install the application

Dropbox knows that until a user downloads their application and link it with their dropbox account, it will be difficult to retain them. A creative reminder asking new users who haven’t installed the app increases user activation many a times. The email also highlights the key benefits of using the service in a concise manner and the copy seamlessly finishes off with a secondary call to action ” check out our tour.”

The creative imagery is on-brand to help build strong brand connect.



4. HootSuite asking new users to add a social media profile

The social media management system knows that for a user to use its app, he needs to connect his social media profiles to get started. HootSuite’s on-boarding email features a Jumpstart Guide. And rather then including all the instructions in one email, Hootsuite keeps it simple & easy to understand by explaining one step at a time “Let’s keep it simple and start with #1.”

The sleek design, cute imagery & helpful content makes onboarding process intuitive. The email also effectively utilizes the above-footer space to include relevant links for new users.



5. Raven’s on-boarding email includes video & free guides to help kickstart

Raven tools welcome email series is creatively & neatly designed to ease the on-boarding process for new users. Part #4 of the 5-email series, this on-boarding email not just includes step-by-step demonstration but also includes free guides & a video to explain its platform in a better way with the last email to go.



6. RunKeeper’s on-boarding email offers step-by-step demonstration

RunKeeper’s grabs attention with its use of font and personalized header text “A note from RunKeeper.” The email offers help to those users who haven’t started using the app to track their fitness activities. The app offers help to get these users into action by offering step-by-step demonstration of the tracking process for all devices.

The clear call to action also creates urgency “Take an activity today through RunKeeper” to drive the users to act soon.



7. Olark’s email offers step-by-step guide to get you started

Olark’s email features step-by-step guide to help users get started with Olark. Every step is followed with a strong call-to-action to match the instruction in each step. Each call to action stands out with a great contrast.

The email finishes off with a personal touch “welcome aboard, great to have you” with a picture of the Olark team, a perfect way to build brand loyalty.