9 Effective Examples of Personalized Emails

One-size-fits-all marketing campaigns are a thing of the past now. Delivering personalized content to your audiences is considered as the top tactic to deliver relevant and engaging content. A study by Experian Marketing Services found that personalized emails generate six times higher transaction rates and revenue per email than non-personalized email. So, sending personalized email campaigns can make your customers all the more interested and can significantly increase your conversion rates and build brand loyalty.

How to Personalize Your Emails

You can send personalized emails based on the user’s past actions, on-site behavior and purchasing patterns or simply by using the recipient’s first name, last name in the subject line and body of the email. Using a personalized subject line can easily improve open rates as readers normally assume that it’s coming from a trusted source. Study says, retailers saw a 37 percent increase in open rates for emails with personalized subject lines when compared to emails sent during the same period with non-personalized subject lines. Even adding the recipients name in the body of the email can also improve conversion rates.


1. Rue La La Personalizes Email According to Customers Buying Behavior

Minimalistic in design, this email solely focuses on personalization. Rue la la has not only used the customer name while greeting, but have also customized the email copy with the same. The mail is also personalized according to the customers purchasing behavior as it intimates the customer about the same sale from which she/he has made a purchase previously. Also, they are giving an incentive, “Free Shipping” to induce the customer to take an action.



2. Limeroad Personalizes Recovery Email with Real-time Behavior

Limeroad knows that subject line plays a major role in deciding whether the recipient will open your email or not. They have used a subject line “Hurry, 1 item in your cart is selling out!” to personalize the recovery email with an item the prospect have in his shopping cart. There are more chances of the customer to open it. Stats says, following up with shopping cart abandoners through email campaigns can bring in up to 50% conversion.

The copy is intelligently crafted to create urgency with the message “It’s your last chance to purchase.” They have included a product link along with a cleverly placed call to action link to drive people to their site to view more products. As per another data compiled by Ripen eCommerce of Princeton, New Jersey, personalized, retargeted email reminders can generate an average of $17.90 per email sent. 



3. ebay Personalizes Email with Product Recommendations Based on Consumers Past Behavior

eBay encourages its recipients to shop by mailing them similar items they have earlier saved or browsed on the site. Each product is accompanied by a nice product image, price and a direct link to the product page to induce the members to take an instant action.



4. Kerastase Abandoned Shopping Cart Email

Kerastase is trying to win back cart abandoner who left the site at the last moment. They have used a conversational subject line “Oops! Did you forget something in your shopping bag” along with a personalized copy that shows the  exact product that the visitor has added in her shopping cart. This email is very simple and direct with a single but clear and effective call to action button. 



5. Uncommongoods Weather-Based Email Combines Localization and Personalization Effectively

Personalization can definitely increase your email campaign conversion. Sending products and services based on location is a good way to send a more targeted message. UncommonGoods have cleverly personalized its email according to weather-based product recommendations. 



6. Lens.com Personalizes Email According to Customers Purchase History

Lens.com knew that generic discounts and sales email will not catch the attention of customers. They look for personalized and relevant offers, and will read the entire email only if they find that the vendor is paying attention to what they are interested in purchasing rather than pitching them left and right. Lens.com has personalized its email according to the customers buying behaviour to encourage them to reorder by informing them that the product they have ordered earlier has gone down in price. Also, they have used customer name in the salutation to make the copy look more personalized. 




7. LimeRoad Personalizes Email According to Subscriber’s Browsing History

The email is simple and clean in design. Despite being image-heavy, it is not long or over-bearing. It has a personalized and well written subject line which clearly convey what customers should expect from the mail. Also, copy of the email has been personalized according to reader’s browsing behavior and provides them with few more options to encourage them to visit the site again. All the product images are clickable and lead to the landing page, which is a great way to drive viewer to the site.



8. Banana Republic Birthday Email is Persoanlization at its Core

According to research by Experian CheetahMail, birthday emails are great examples of personalized email campaigns. These campaigns are more successful at engaging their target audiences, generating higher open rates, transaction levels, and revenue. Open rates for birthday campaigns are 235% higher. And, birthday emails tend to garner nearly 300% higher click rates as they are highly relevant and personalized, enticing customers to engage with the emails. 

Banana Republic’s brithday email subject line “Happy Birthday! Here’s a little something just for you…” sounds enticing enough to get you to open it. The email is sent 4 days before the birthday date and is valid during your entire birthday month which makes it customer centric than salesy. 



 9. Rent The Runway Anniversary Email Campaign

According to research by Experian CheetahMail, anniversary emails are highly relevant & personalized. Open rates for anniversary campaigns is 150% higher. Anniversary mails tends to garner approximately 100% higher click rates as they are highly relevant and personalized, enticing customers to engage with the emails. 

Rent the Runway anniversary email celebrates with an effective & personalized subject line, “You’ve Earned a 1 Year Anniversary Surprise!” The email also includes a $20 off the subscriber’s next rental. ExactTarget says, in addition, Rent the Runway also uses the anniversary of a subscriber’s first rental with the subject line “Happy Rent-iversary – Here’s A Gift To Celebrate!” with a special offer. These emails are relevant and personalized to each customer driving high open rates.