9 Powerful Lifecycle Emails You Should Send to Your Users


“A typical software company has less than a 2% conversion rate on their free trials.” And to alter your customer behavior, email marketing has proven to be the most effective medium to increase your conversions. Not only does the lifecycle emails will drive your conversions, but will also help you drive more engagement with your product.

Lifecycle email marketing is a powerful way to help you both acquire customers at the top of the funnel and ensure they become active users, drive engagement, retention, and convert them into loyal customers.

Check out some of the best email marketing examples for SAAS and get inspired to send your own effective email marketing campaigns.


Personal Welcome Email from Founder

We have earlier talked about the Founder welcome email and how it has a very positive response on the customers. A personal note from one of the founders helps in establishing trust and cultivating a relationship with the customers right from the start. People want to connect with real people and a welcome email from the founder is your best opportunity to do so.

Another very effective example of a welcome email from the founder comes from UserVoice.




Proactive Support Email

For SAAS businesses, getting people to sign up is fairly easy, but the real bottleneck in most SaaS conversion funnels is activating the users and getting them to use the product. And businesses who have utilized the power of support emails have been able to acquire, activate and retain more customers. The best thing you can do to engage your potential customers is to get connect with them as early as possible.

UserVoice is one such help desk software that is known for its impressive email marketing campaigns. The following support email is sent by them shortly after the personal welcome email from the founder after the signup.


Subject Line: UserVoice – Account Maximizer


Welcome to UserVoice!  My name is Amar — my job is to make sure that you have a great experience with UserVoice.

If you’re up for it, I would like to spend a few minutes with you on the phone to learn more about your business and what you are looking to accomplish with UserVoice.  Then I ‘ll be in a better position to get you the most relevant resources to help with next steps.

Sound good?  If so, when is a good time for a 10 minute phone call?

Thanks — I look forward to talking soon.

Amar Ghose
Customer Success


Aspirational Email – Kicksend

These emails aim to encourage the users to get into action, thus passively building brand. awareness. your own use of your app to create outcomes your audience would want.

Kicksend, a photo-sharing app kills it with this creative email campaign. The email is targeted to activate new users. Kicksend creates a great impression by educating the users how they can use the app with a sample use case citing “How will you use Kicksend to share your summer vacation?” It than engages them by explaining how they can share photos to get started. The email also includes a fun fact at the bottom in an effort to build a strong branding while engaging users.





Tutorial Email – Asana

Tutorial emails are designed to make your users life easy and enable them to achieve more by using it rather than making it all about the sell.

Asana does a great effort to retain its users by sending a tutorial-styled email to help them understand the product with various use cases. One of the biggest reasons why people initially sign-up and never use your product is because they just aren’t aware of the value it provides.

Right from the header, the focus is on how teams can improve their productivity & manage better using Asana. The email is designed to serve as a guide for the users and help them learn how to use it in a better way for their own projects.

The email includes useful resources; from articles to videos, and ways Asana can be used to manage different projects. But be sure to identify the one thing that you must get users to do to see the value in your product. For example, Asana is all about teamwork, and the email clearly focuses on great teams & lesson on leadership.

The subject line “We have something new to show you…” will grab user’s attention to see what’s inside. The call to action is clear and strong.



Educational Email – AddThis

Educational emails are a great way to activate customers by educating them on how to do better with tips related to your industry in general. The purpose of these emails is not to pitch your product but to make it a part of their daily habit.

AddThis educational email with subject line “Learn about the widget that increases sharing by 22% or more” does exactly what it promises by including lots of resourceful links, including tips, a webinar, use cases for its platform.




Celebrating a Milestone – Wundermail

This email from Wunderlist, an app which lets you manage and share your daily to-do lists and tasks is unconventional, appealing & with a great message. The team over at Wunderlist has made this announcement email a great way to celebrate a milestone with their users. The email also thanks its users by offering their newly-launched iPhone app for free. The header has done complete justification with the branding with an effective copy on the top. The copy also describes the features of the iPhone app to get you into action.




We still contact everyone that takes a free trial but doesn’t convert to ask them why. One of the benefits of the shorter trial period is that they still remember who we are, why they signed up for the trial and why they haven’t yet subscribed. Contacting someone two months after they started a trial often results in a blank look – ‘sorry, who are you again?’


Trial Expiration Email

A typical software company has less than a 2% conversion rate on their free trials. There are many reasons customers don’t convert. So, email customers when a trial expires, nudging them to provide feedback or go for a free trial. CentralDesktop sends a great trial expiration email trying to convert the slipping customer. The email even includes a link to upgrade without trying to hard sell.




Trial Re-activation Email

Most online businesses focus on the top of the funnel. Though customer acquisition is a priority, once the free trial period is over and the customer isn’t yet ready to upgrade, then you still should use every opportunity you can to try and convert them by extending their trial period. Groove, the popular help desk software does it well by sending a personal trial re-activation email from the founder himself.

Subject Line: A gift for you

Hey Nandini,

It’s been 14 days since you started your free trial of Groove.

This is normally where we make the hard sell…

But I wanted to offer you a gift: the option to extend your Groove trial for another 14 days, free.

In case there were any features you wanted to try, or if you just wanted to take some more time with the app…now is your chance.

Just reply to this email and let me know if you’d like me to extend your trial.


P.S. If you’re not interested in extending your trial, no worries. You’ll still be able to access your account until midnight tonight, after which you’ll need to sign up for a paid account www.groovehq.com/users/sign_in to log back in.

Event Based Emails

Keep your customers engaged by sending emails based on any upcoming events you have on your calendar like Olark does it in the following email.