About Unsubscribes

Each marketing email sent from Betaout contains an unsubscribe link. The link automatically updates the mailing list and protects the privacy of the subscriber. After successfully unsubscribing, you won’t be able to send the user any marketing emails or email marketing automation software..

Note: One-to-One emails by default do not have a unsubscribe link, but you can always add if you want.

Betaout automatically handles all unsubscribe requests and you can see the list of individuals that have opted out or unsubscribed in your dashboard.

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How to add an unsubscribe link to an email

Unsubscribe link is added to marketing and transactional emails automatically before emails are sent. But you can also add an unsubscribe link to email. In that case – Betaout won’t add an unsubscribe link.

Go to any message edit page and make any text link with URL as {{Unsubscribe}} merge tag, as shown in screenshot below.

Before sending this email, the unsubscribe merge tag will be converted into a link.

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How Unsubscribe Works

If a user clicks on “Unsubscribe” link in your email, he is taken to the unsubscribe page as shown below. We politely ask him to choose “Send Less Email” option instead.

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If he chooses “Less Frequent”, time interval between all his emails is automatically set to 7 days. This does not affect One-to-One emails.


If he still clicks on “Unsubscribe” Button, a small exit survey is done so that you can understand what went wrong.


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