Advantages Of Browser Push Notifications


Browser Push Notifications are clickable messages that can be sent from a website to its subscribers on both desktop or mobile devices. These notifications get delivered in real-time, even if the website isn’t open on the user’s browser when they are sent. Also called Web Push Notifications, they are a great way to re-engage with your visitors without knowing their email or any other contact details..


When a user arrives on your website, a small dialog box asks them for their permission to send push notifications. If they click on ‘Allow’, your website can start triggering notifications even when they’re not present on your website.


Push Notifications


Web Push Notifications


Following are some of the benefits of using push notifications for your store:

  • Gives You The Power Of Instant Communication – Browser Push Notifications can be seamlessly delivered without delay to your user’s desktop browser or in the notification slider of the user’s mobile phone, even if they are not on your website.
  • Works Similarly To Mobile Push Notifications – Push Notifications on Chrome, as well as Firefox, work exactly the same as native notifications which are sent by apps on your phone. So, there’s no need to manage a separate mobile app.
  • Assured Delivery – Browser Push Notifications overcome one of the biggest flaws of Email Marketing – messages not getting delivered because of spam filters, or some other reason. It’s a one-hundred percent consent driven communication channel.
  • Wide Reach Across Browsers – Desktop internet usage accounts for 42% of the total internet time. Browser Push Notifications work on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari which have a combined market share of more than 75%.
  • Re-engage With Both Users And Visitors – Using Browser Push Notifications, you can reach out to both your users and website visitors, given they’ve subscribed to receive browser push notifications from you. It literally gives you the ability to re-engage with your audience without knowing their contact details.
  • More Opt-ins and Higher Conversion Rates – Studies prove that Browser Push Notifications produce better results in terms of opt-in and click-through compared to other marketing mediums. Since browser push notifications only require the user to allow permission with just one click and users can unsubscribe at any time instantly, the opt-ins for these are higher than Email and SMS.


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