Advantages Of Mobile Push Notification Service


Mobile Push Notifications are clickable messages that are sent from a mobile app to its users on their mobile device using a Mobile Push Notification Service. These messages get delivered in real-time and appear in the notification slider or on the lock screen of the user’s mobile phone, even when they are not using it. Supported by all mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows, Mobile Push Notification Service can be deployed by e-commerce merchants to entice action among their users by engaging them with timely, contextual and actionable messaging.

Over the course of past few years, Mobile has grown unprecedentedly to become the leading digital platform. According to a Comscore study, activity on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets accounts for two-thirds of the total digital media time spent, with mobile apps accounting for almost 50 percent of the total time spent by consumers on digital media. This trend also resonates across mobile ecommerce, with online shoppers spending 59 percent of their time on a mobile device, as opposed to 41 percent on a computer.



Mobile Push Notification Service



Business Insider forecasts that by the end of this decade, 45 percent of e-commerce sales, amounting to $284 Bn will come through mobile phones. These exponentially growing figures are the only testament to the tremendous potential that mobile phones possess in today’s day and age. In this article, we’ll discuss benefits of using Mobile Push Notifications for your online store:

  • Send Rich, Interactive Messages: Mobile Push Notification Service enables you to create rich push messages with interactive media like video, gifs etc. Using a tool like Betaout, you can upload and embed images, videos, links, gifs and more in your messages with ease.The advanced WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor helps you preview how your message looks like.
  • Reach Your Mobile App Users Instantly: Mobile Push Notification Service ensures instant delivery to the user. It is a direct, consent-driven communication channel which doesn’t require the receiver to be connected to a mobile network. Hence, making Mobile Push a network agnostic medium and giving it an edge over SMS Marketing.
  • Get Insights Into Customer Behaviour: Another key benefit of Mobile Push Notifications is that it helps you gain insights into your customer’s behavior by tracking various metrics associated with it, like response time, open rate, click-through rate etc. By leveraging on the data available from your customer’s behavior, you can launch campaigns that connect with them better.
  • Deep Link To Your AppMobile Push Notification Service allows you to embed deep links in your push messages, which direct the user to a specific part of your app. It is a sure shot way to take your user to your app and make them perform the desired action. Due to this, the response rate for mobile push notifications is also very high.
  • Target Users Based On Their Dynamic Geo-location: Mobile Apps can ask for a user’s permission to access their location. By doing so, you get the opportunity to hyper-target your users based on a crucial attribute – their dynamic location. Triggering push messages based on your user’s location can help you engage with them with a high degree of personalization and relevance.
  • Highly Cost-effective: Mobile Push Notification Service are an inexpensive method of communication in comparison to traditional marketing mediums. It costs about $1 to trigger 1 million mobile push messages using a third-party service. Any conversions made from Mobile Push Notifications are a big plus since the cost involved in triggering them is so low.
  • Engage Your App Users With Personalised Push Messages: According to various studies, personalized customer engagement delivers higher returns than the default ‘one size fits all’ method. Using an advanced mobile push notifications tool like Betaout, you can engage your app users with highly relevant and personalized engagement using its advanced segmentation capabilities clubbed with dynamic personalization tokens.


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