Advantages Of On-Site Marketing


On-Site Marketing refers to the method of using website engagement tools like pop-up, banner, sticky bar etc. as a channel to communicate with the visitors and users of a website. These tools can be customized to engage website visitors with relevant, actionable messaging in a timely manner. On-Site Marketing is being extensively used by e-commerce stores to grow their email list, engage with site visitors, and more..


On-Site Marketing


With studies estimating global eCommerce sales to hit upwards of $4 trillion by the end of this decade, there are no two opinions about the unprecedented growth of E-commerce as an industry. According to Bloomberg Tech, 45% of e-commerce traffic in 2016 accounted to computers. Since a considerable share of online shoppers still prefers using a computer, it is highly essential for ecommerce companies to engage their audience on the same platform. Following are some of the benefits of deploying On-Site marketing for your e-commerce store:

  • Helps Build Your Email/Mobile List: Online stores deploy pop-ups to capture the Email IDs, mobile number of their website visitors by enticing them with a discount coupon, free shipping or some other offers. On-Site engagement is a great way to build a mailing list for your store, which is useful in increasing traffic and sales for your website by sending timely communication such as a newsletter.
  • Engage With Website Visitors: Although that there aren’t many ways one can ensure engagement with people who are only the visitors of a website, On-Site Marketing is a highly effective way to do so. By using the right tool at the right time with the right message, e-commerce marketers can entice the visitor to stay and become a customer.
  • Target Users Based On Their Exit Intent: Advanced On-Site Marketing tools like Betaout allow you to target both website visitors and users based on their behavior on your website. With its Exit-Intent technology, you can target users with On-Site engagement just as they are about to abandon your website.
  • No Manual Intervention Required: Once you’ve created and set-up an On-Site Marketing campaign, it works for you in real-time to generate returns for you, without any manual effort required. Unlike other marketing channels, you don’t have to update your communication for your audience on a regular basis.
  • Enhance Your User’s Shopping Experience: By using On-Site Marketing, you can create a personalized experience for your customers. With Betaout’s advanced targeting features, you have the option to display the engagement only on a specific page, on selective browsers etc., allowing you to cater to your customers in a more targeted way.
  • Ensures A Strong Call-To-Action: When used correctly, On-Site Marketing ensures a strong, highly effective call-to-action. You can get your audience to take the action you desire by reaching out to them with engagement that is concise, timely, relevant and actionable using On-Site Marketing tools on your website.


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