Betaout Browser Push Notification Software For Mozilla Firefox


Over the past two decades, online shopping has grown in popularity among consumers due to the convenience, efficiency, and ease of use that it provides. According to Globalwebindex, 80 percent of all internet users surveyed across 34 countries shop online at least once every month. This only goes to prove that the average consumer is getting heavily inclined towards better ways to shop, hence it becomes obvious for each and every brand to cater to their customers in better ways..

To make the online shopping experience for consumers better, online merchants have to make sure that they are able to engage their customers and prospects with engaging communication – to stay on top of their minds. Research shows that people stay interested to frequently hear updates from the online stores that they shop from. Everything from discount vouchers, coupons, new arrivals, what’s trending, offers to company news – consumers have shown the intent to engage with e-commerce companies.

Timely, personalized and contextual engagement is key to successfully build a loyal customer base for any online store. Browser Push Notifications are a highly effective way to reach out to consumers with concise, actionable messaging that is direct and instant.

What are Browser Push Notifications?


Browser Push Notifications is a nascent consent-driven digital marketing channel that allows a website to trigger clickable messages to its visitors and users, given that they’ve subscribed to receive them. These push messages are actionable and contain a URL which the user is directed to upon clicking them. Browser Push Notifications are also known as Desktop Push Notifications or Web Push Notifications and are delivered instantly to the subscriber’s browser upon sending. These messages can be sent without knowing any personal details of your site visitors, and hence are a great way to engage with your visitors and customers alike, which otherwise would not have been possible.

What Are The Advantages Of Browser Push Notifications?


  • Reach Your Audience In An Instant – Browser Push Notifications can be delivered even when the user is not actively using your website and are seamlessly delivered without delay to your user’s desktop browser or in the notification slider of the user’s mobile phone.


  • No Personal Details Required: One of the biggest advantages of Browser Push Notifications is the fact that no personal user details are required any time during the subscription process, or for triggering push notifications. This results in higher opt-ins as compared to Email or SMS.


  • More Opt-ins and Higher Conversion Rates – Browser Push Notifications produce better results in terms of opt-in and click-through compared to other marketing mediums. Since browser push notifications only require the user to allow permission with just one click and users can unsubscribe at any time instantly, the opt-ins for these are higher than Email and SMS.


  • Works Similarly To Mobile Push Notifications – Push Notifications on Mozilla Firefox for mobile work exactly the same as native notifications which are sent by apps on your phone. So, there’s no need to manage a separate mobile app. This helps you save cost and energy that would otherwise be expended in building and maintaining a mobile app.


  • Assured Delivery Of Message – Browser Push Notifications is a one-hundred percent consent driven communication channel. It overcomes one of the biggest flaws of traditional marketing channels such as Email or SMS, like Spam Complaints or DND request etc.


  • Re-engage With Both Visitors And Users – Using Browser Push Notifications, you can reach out to both your users and website visitors, given they’ve subscribed to receive browser push notifications from you. It literally gives you the ability to re-engage with your audience without knowing their contact details.


How Does Browser Push Notifications For Mozilla Firefox Work?


Mozilla Firefox is currently the second most popular browser around, with a market share of about 15 to 18 percent. A number of savvy internet users prefer to use it because of the high-degree of customization that it offers. There is a lot of opportunities for e-commerce stores to engage with their customers and prospects using Mozilla Firefox, through Betaout Browser Push Notification  Software. This is how mobile push notifications for Mozilla Firefox work:

1. When a visitor or user arrives on your website, a small dialog box prompts them on their Google Chrome browser for their permission to send push messages.

2.If they click on ‘Allow’, your website can start sending notifications to this unique device on their Google Chrome browser.

Browser Push For Mozilla Firefox


Why Choose Betaout Browser Push Notification Software For Mozilla Firefox?


Betaout is a comprehensive marketing automation software that enables e-commerce stores with the ability to send timely, personalized and actionable Browser Push Notifications to their subscribers in real-time. The tool has advanced segmentation capabilities which allow you to segment your users based on their individual properties attributed to their demography, behavioral, and social traits so that you can hyper-target your users.

Betaout’s browser push notification software for Mozilla Firefox is easy to set up with any e-commerce store and supports all major e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce etc. With Betaout’s Web Push Notifications for Firefox, you can send timely, contextual, personalized and relevant web push notifications to your subscribers with ease.


What You Get With Betaout’s Browser Push Notification Software For Mozilla Firefox


1. Send Actionable Desktop Notifications To Your Mozilla Firefox Users


As discussed above, it is essential to the success of your online store to reach users on their preferred platform whenever possible. Betaout Browser Push Notification Software for Mozilla Firefox allow you to send actionable push messages to your Mozilla Firefox users in real-time. Using this, you can selectively include or exclude users who are on Mozilla Firefox, as per your requirement.

Browser Push For Mozilla Firefox


2. Hypertarget Your Customer Engagement Using Advanced Segmentation


Betaout’s Browser Push Notification Software for Mozilla Firefox allow you to deliver highly targeted push messages to your subscribers using its advanced segmentation capabilities. You can create segments based on a vast number of individual attributes and properties and target users based upon them. The tool allows you to take advantage of the customer’s data available to you, to launch personalized push notifications which entice your subscribers to take the action that you’d like them to.

Browser Push For Mozilla Firefox


3. Get Access To Detailed Real-time Reporting


Betaout provides you with detailed actionable reporting and useful analytics to understand your users better. The tool shows you various details like device used, browser, location, lifecycle stage, along with their first and last seen time. By applying the insights gained through our actionable analytics, you will be able to make informed decisions related to your business. Use the reports to notice important trends, and to make sure that your company is on the right track.

Browser Push For Mozilla Firefox


How To Best Engage Your Users On Mozilla Firefox


Even with the phenomenal rise of mobile internet, desktop internet usage accounts for more than 40% of the time people spend online. Contrary to general perception, the advent of the mobile internet hasn’t overshadowed, in any way, the potential of desktops. The same pattern can be seen across the e-commerce industry as well, with 45% of e-commerce traffic in 2016 accounted to computers, according to Bloomberg Tech. Since a considerable number of online shoppers still prefer to use a computer, it is of prime importance for ecommerce companies to engage their users on the same platform.

Using Betaout Browser Push Notifications for Mozilla Firefox to trigger personalized, timely and contextual browser push notification is a great way to engage your customers on the go. By integrating Browser Push Notification Software with your existing marketing channels, you can target users with communication relevant to their lifecycle and move them through subsequent stages in a highly effective way.


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