Betaout Cart Abandonment Software For Magento


About 75% of visitors on ecommerce websites abandon their shopping carts – that is, they leave before completing the purchase..

Considering the effort and expense it takes to bring a customer into the purchase funnel, it is painful for a seller to see every 3 out of 4 prospective customers walking away without completing a purchase.

For every $300 that an online seller does make, it loses about $700 in the form of shopping cart abandonments. This honeypot of sales lost online during the checkout process can be recovered using a highly effective sales recovery and remarketing tactic called shopping Cart Recovery. Cart abandonment software like Betaout come handy to track and convince even a small proportion of abandoned transactions, and results in a big boost to both sales and profitability.


Why choose Betaout?


If you own or manage an ecommerce store on the Magento platform, you will realize the need to address the issue of cart abandonment. While the platform can mark the carts it considers abandoned, it still lacks a tool to address it. Betaout’s cart abandonment software for Magento platform can help you mitigate shopping cart abandonment.  

Betaout is a cloud-based cart abandonment software that arms merchants with the ability to auto-trigger personalized cart recovery messages based upon real-time customer segmentation and cart properties.


Easy To Set-up in Two Simple Steps


Betaout is easy to set-up with its plug-and-play functionality. The two major steps involved are Installation and Activation. Follow these steps here to see how quick and easy to set-up it really is:


Step 1: Installation

Log into your Magento admin area, and navigate to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager.

– Install the Betaout extension using the extension key: Click on install.

Cart Recovery For Magento


Step 2: Activation

– Log into the Magento admin area

– Navigate to Betaout Settings panel

– Enter Betaout API Key and Project ID

– Save the configuration.

Cart Recovery For Magento


That’s it. Now you are ready to take advantage of the most powerful cart recovery tool! Once installed, the tool starts working behind the scenes – using your store data to create powerful cart recovery campaigns.


What You Get With Betaout for Magento


Generate Actionable Insights

Betaout discovers the most useful and relevant numbers that your store needs – the number of carts abandoned, their total value, and how many have been targeted with recovery campaigns.  It works in real time, so you get to know how your campaign has performed at just one glance.


Multi-channel Targeting

You have the option to retarget the visitor across multiple channels including – SMS, Email etc. This maximizes your chance of engaging the user across different mediums and eventually recovering the customer. You also have the option of selectively targeting subsequent drips of the campaign based on user’s behavior to the previous ones.


Seamless Automation

A number of recovery activities are automated, so you save on valuable time and effort. For example, the tool can regenerate the cart across different devices – so the customer is able to access the process at the stage they left. This creates a seamless shopping experience.


High-degree of Personalisation

Sending cookie cutter messages for cart recovery is one of the leading reasons why such efforts fail. With personalization, each customer gets a personal salutation and can access the exact items that they browsed or left in the cart. This increases the chances of conversion and recovering the sales.


Recover Your Lost Sales Today!

With breakneck competition, soaring cost of customer acquisition, and high rates of cart abandonment, it is important to focus on re-targeting and converting buyers that left your shop midway. It is always cheaper and easier to sell to a prospective buyer that has already traveled so far in your buying funnel.

In this context, the benefits of using the Betaout cart abandonment software become apparent. If you are running your ecommerce on the popular Magento platform, the Betaout Cart Recovery tool offers valuable help to recover abandoned purchases.



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