Betaout Cart Abandonment Solution For Woocommerce


Cart abandonment refers to the common occurrence of online shoppers selecting a number of products to purchase, filling up their “cart” on an online store, but never actually making the purchase. Cart recovery is the process of using cart abandonment solutions tracking these missed sales and following up with these customers to try and convince them to finish the purchase. Companies that have mastered this strategy are able to increase their profits by significant margins..

For every $1 that an online seller does make, it loses about $2.4 in the form of shopping cart abandonments. This honeypot of sales lost online during the checkout process can be recovered using a highly effective sales recovery and remarketing tactic called shopping Cart Recovery. If you could track and convince even a small proportion of abandoned transactions, it would result in a big boost to both sales and profitability. Cart abandonment solutions like Betaout helps ecommerce companies on the Woocommerce platform to achieve the same.  


Why choose Betaout?


Betaout is one of the most advanced cloud-based cart abandonment solutions which arm merchants with the ability to auto-trigger personalized cart recovery messages based upon real-time customer segmentation and cart properties. If you want to start regaining the money lost from customers who have walked away or just forgotten their near browses, this is by far the simplest, quickest and the most effective route to take.

You can integrate Betaout’s Cart Abandonment Solutions with your WooCommerce site with ease. It is designed to take only a few steps in order to fully integrate with your store. This plug and play ability allows you to jump right into utilizing the tool without spending too much time figuring out what’s going on. This saves you time, and ultimately money, and this is what truly makes a cart recovery tool for WooCommerce effective.


Seamless Plug-and-play Installation In Two Steps


The installation is very simple and takes only a few minutes. The steps listed here prove how simple and quick it really it is to use cart abandonment solutions.


Go to Add New in the Plugins section of your blog admin and search for WooCommerce Betaout and click on Install.  Make it active through plugins menu in WordPress.

Cart Recovery for WooCommerce



Click on <Site_Name>/wp-admin/admin.php?page=woocommerce-betaout -> Get API key and Project ID from

Cart Recovery for WooCommerce

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Betaout for your Woocommerce store.

What You Get With Betaout for Woocommerce


1. Effective Anti-Gaming Technology

While it is important to offer attractive terms to convert abandoned carts, it is also important to be not taken for a ride by unscrupulous buyers. There are always a section of buyers that abandon purchases specifically with the intent to receive discount offers at a later stage. Betaout comes equipped with an effective anti-gaming technology that can prevent false buyers from gaming the discount process.


2. Email Drip Campaigns

Email is still the highest converting channel, so our cart recovery tool helps you create a sequence of follow-up emails, where you can control the number, frequency, and timing of emails. You can also send emails based on pre-set triggers. Once the sequence has been completed, the customers who still have not converted are removed from the mailing list.


3. Create Customized Engagement Campaigns

The Betaout Cart Recovery tool offers a bunch of device responsive templates that you can use to create beautifully designed sales campaigns. You can customize the templates to match your company branding and colors.


4. Monitor ROI in Real Time

At any stage, you have access to the visualization of your data with a user-friendly dashboard. All the important metrics are easily accessible in real time – open rates, conversion rates, sales volume, and the ROI.


Skyrocket Your Sales With Cart Recovery


Betaout for Woocommerce gives you a powerful Cart Recovery tool that is designed for data-driven marketing campaigns and messaging flexibility. Our software is your best partner when you want a Woocommerce shopping cart recovery tool that actually works!

With easy installation, and its plug and play functionality, using a tool like Betaout cart abandonment solution is quite easy. Its advanced features ensure that you are able to create personalized campaigns, and send them across all marketing channels relevant to your online store. The fully automated email functionality ensures that you are able to engage all your prospective buyers in a timely manner, increasing the chances of conversion.



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