Betaout Mobile Push for Android (Android App Push Notifications)



Over the course of past few years, Mobile has grown unprecedentedly to become the leading digital platform. According to a Comscore study, activity on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets accounts for two-thirds of the total digital media time spent, with mobile apps accounting for almost 50 percent of the total time spent by consumers on digital media. This trend also resonates across mobile ecommerce, with online shoppers spending 59 percent of their time on a mobile device, as opposed to 41 percent on a computer. Business Insider forecasts that by the end of this decade, 45 percent of e-commerce sales, amounting to $284 Bn will come through mobile phones. These exponentially growing figures are only testament to the tremendous potential that mobile phones possess in today’s day and age.


E-commerce stores now have the opportunity to leverage on the ever growing usage of mobile phones, to engage with their customers in better ways. Mobile Push Notifications are a direct path for ecommerce companies to communicate with their users instantly. As mobile phone growth accelerates in the years to come, push notifications only grow in importance as a channel for e-commerce companies to communicate and re-engage with their users.


What Are Mobile Push Notifications (Android App Push Notifications)?


Mobile Push Notifications for android, called Android App Push Notifications are real-time messages sent to your mobile device. These messages get delivered in real-time, even when the user is not active on the app or using their phone. For ecommerce stores with a mobile app functionality, it is a highly effective way to engage with their customers on the go. Push Notifications are supported by all mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows, and can be deployed by online stores to drive action among users by sending timely and relevant engagement notifications, broadcast important information and more.


Advantages Of Android App Push Notifications


  • Gives You The Power Of Instant Communication – Mobile Push Notifications can be seamlessly delivered without delay in the notification slider of the user’s mobile phone, even if they are not using their phone or your app. Hence giving you the power of instant communication.


  • Assured Delivery Of Message – Mobile Push Notifications overcome one of the biggest flaws of other marketing channels such as Email or SMS – messages not being delivered because of spam filters, DND requests or some other reason. It’s a one-hundred percent consent driven communication channel, which your app users have allowed to receive messages on.


  • Exceptional Return On Investment: Mobile Push is an inexpensive method of communication in comparison to traditional marketing mediums. Since it costs almost nothing to send millions of mobile push notifications, any return on investment generated on the same is a big plus.


  • Deep Link To Your App – Mobile Push Notifications allow you to embed deep links in your push messages, which direct the user to a specific part of your app. It is a sure shot way to take your user to your app and make them perform the desired action.


  • Increased Customer Engagement: With Mobile Push Notifications, there is an incredibly high rate of subscriber action as responding to it is effortless and takes seconds. Fostering customer relationships with Mobile Push Notifications is easier as opposed to other marketing mediums.


  • Support And Integration With Other Channels: A major benefit of Mobile Push is the potential it has when integrated with any of your existing marketing campaigns. Simply integrating Mobile Push Notifications with your other marketing channels to create drip campaigns can get the message straight to your customers.


How do Android App Push Notifications work?


According to an Ericsson Mobility report, there were about 2.6 billion smartphone users worldwide in the year 2015 and this figure is expected to cross 6 billion by the year 2020 – accounting for more than 70% of the world’s presumed population in three years’ time. Android OS is the most popular when it comes to mobile operating systems, with a market share of more than 80 percent.

Google Cloud Messaging (commonly referred to as GCM), the mobile push notifications’ service developed by Google that enables third-party mobile application developers to send push notifications from developer-run servers to applications on Google’s Android Operating System, was launched in 2012 and is available free of charge. The steps below explain how push notifications work on Android devices.

Android App Push Notifications

  1. When an app is installed, the Android device sends a sender ID and application ID to the Google Cloud Messaging server for registration.
  2. Upon successful registration, Google Cloud Messaging server issues a registration ID to the Android device.
  3. After receiving the registration ID from Google Cloud Messaging server, the Android device will send the registration ID to your server.
  4. Your server will store the registration ID in the database for later use.
  1. Now whenever a push notification is requested, your server sends a message to the Google Cloud Messaging server along with the device registration ID which was stored in its database.
  2. The GCM server will then deliver your push notification message to the respective mobile device according to the device registration ID.


Why Choose Betaout Android App Push Notifications?

Betaout is an all-in-one ecommerce marketing automation software that enables app-based e-commerce stores to trigger advanced mobile push notifications to their Android app users. It has advanced segmentation capabilities which allow you to segment your customers and communicate with a higher degree of personalisation. Using Betaout, you can segment your customers based on a vast number of properties attributed to their demographic, behavioral, browsing and social data.

Betaout’s mobile push notification tool for the Android operating system is easy to integrate with any e-commerce store and supports all major platforms like Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce and more. With Betaout’s Mobile Push Notifications, you can deliver timely, contextual, personalized and relevant push notifications to your customers.


What You Get With Betaout Android App Push Notifications


1. Deliver Rich Push Messages To Your Android App Users

Betaout’s Android App Push Notifications campaign builder allows you to create interactive notifications with rich media like photos, gifs and videos with ease. You can effortlessly upload and embed images, videos, GIFs, links and more in your notification messages and preview before sending them. The advanced push notifications tool also allows you to add deep links in your notifications so that you can send the user to the desired location in your app.

Mobile Push for Android


2. Create Dynamic Audience Segments Based On Individual Customer Properties

Betaout Android App Push Notifications allows you to create dynamic segments based on various user events and attributes. For example, target by device location, the number of days since the user last visited your app, Operating System and much more. In addition, you can also add any new condition using “and/or.” You can also use your pre-built segments to target your audience, enabling you to send relevant and targeted notifications to every user.

Mobile Push for Android


3. Target Users Based On Their Location Using Geo-location Targeting

Betaout Android App Push Notifications‘ Geo-location targeting feature allows you to target your users based upon their location. You need to input the latitude and longitude coordinates of the location you wish to target and define a radius in which it will be active. The tool works in real-time to target these users and delivers the message as required by you.

Mobile Push for Android


4. Get Actionable Insights For Your Mobile Push Campaigns

Using Betaout Android App Push Notifications, you can get real-time, actionable insights for your mobile push campaigns. The tool gives you a one-click view to track all the metrics you require like the number of messages sent, discarded, failed, and clicked, all in one place. Access detailed reports to measure the effectiveness of each and every mobile push notification campaign that you send.

Mobile Push for Android


5. Send In-app Messages To Your Android Users

Betaout’s advanced Android App Push Notifications functionality gives you the tool to engage your users with in-app messages. This way, you can reach your users even if they have discarded your Mobile Push Notification. In-app messages get delivered when the user opens your app after discarding your push notification on their phone or is active on your app at the time of sending the message.

Mobile Push for Android

How To Best Engage Your Android App Customers


There are no two opinions on the potential of mobile communication. Consumers are heavily inclining to use mobile phone for as many of their daily tasks as possible. With the ever-increasing number of mobile apps, sending mobile push notifications to consumers should be considered a privilege, rather than a right. It has now become essential for e-commerce brands to add value to their customers with every communication they send. Mobile Push Notifications are a great way for online stores to interact with their customers instantly, and provide them with valuable engagement.


Given the advanced features and ease-of-use that Betaout’s Mobile Push Notifications for Android provides, engaging your Android app users is quite simple. Using advanced segmentation capabilities you can send basic or advanced push notification alerts, to ensure that the right message is delivered to the right person at the right time.


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