Using Betaout Workflow Automation To Convert Rob From Cart Abandoner To Customer



Imagine a typical online shopper named Rob. Now try to visualize how he shops online.

How does he behave while he makes a purchase decision when buying a product, say earphone?

Does he go to his favorite e-commerce store and make the purchase right away?

Or does he go on to conduct an online research to gauge the best product and which store to buy from for his particular liking?

You’d agree he follows with the latter. He adds the product to his cart and is about to complete the purchase. Only, he doesn’t.

Something ticks him off. Something which only he knows!

And just like that, poof! He’s gone. Off your store. Never to come back again. Right?

Well…Not so much.

With Betaout’s Workflow Automation Designer, could have created a workflow which targeted Rob with timely, contextual engagement to bring him back to the store to complete the purchase. Here’s how the steps would look like:

Workflow Automation

Step 1: Just as Rob adds the product to cart and leaves without completing the purchase, he’s added to a campaign as shown in the flowchart.

Step 2: On day 1 (within 24 hours) of Rob abandoning the cart, he’s sent an SMS with a link which redirects him to the checkout page. If the purchase is completed, Rob is automatically removed from this campaign. If not, Rob is moved to the next stage of the campaign.

Step 3: On day 3 post abandoning the cart, Rob is sent an email which says “You’ve left items in your cart. Shop now” with a link to the checkout page. If the purchase happens, the campaign aborts for Rob. If not, he’s moved to the next stage of the campaign.

Step 4: On day 7 post abandoning the cart, Rob is sent another email which says “Your cart is getting out of stock! Shop now” thereby creating an urgency in Rob’s mind. At this point, he’d have pretty much made up his mind and reached a conclusion.

Step 5: On day 10 post abandoning the cart, Rob is sent a communication for the final time, reminding that his cart is going out of stock, creating urgency. An SMS is sent, which entices him to complete the purchase. As he does, the campaign ends for him.

By engaging with Rob at various stages of his purchase decision-making across multiple channels, was able to capture his attention and interest in the most effective way possible. Betaout Workflow Automation Designer helped convert Rob from a cart abandoner to a paying customer, without any manual intervention.

Here is a video to explain the same on Betaout Workflow Automation Designer