Birthday Emails

Birthday emails are a great way to engage your customers without turning them off. Nobody hates a birthday email. Period.Open rates for birthday campaigns are 235% higher with nearly 300% higher click rates. So, a well-designed birthday email program is another opportunity to reach out to everyone on your list and try to win them back. A recent survey from Fulcrum Marketing says that 3 in 4 consumers feel more positively about companies that send them birthday greetings, and that almost 9 in 10 recipients of birthday wishes report increased brand loyalty.

With that being said, the first thing you will need is to capture your customer’s birthday when they sign up or send them an email later to asking them to update their birthday details. A well-designed birthday email campaign has the potential to generate high ROI, and also typically have higher open rates.

Birthday Subject Lines

Even with simple subject lines like “Happy Birthday,” birthday emails have higher open rates. And, the more creative you can get, the more engaging your campaigns will become. For example, first name personalization in your subject line, promoting a gift or a offer is a sure shot way to craft subject lines with high open rates.

Few More Birthday Emails Subject Lines:-

  • Happy birthday {FirstName}
  • Happy Birthday, {First & Last Name}!
  • Happy Birthday From {Company}
  • A special gift for your Birthday  
  • Your Special Birthday Gift
  • Birthday Bonus on us
  • A special gift of {%} off for your birthday
  • Here’s some happy for your birthday – {%} off


Now, let’s checkout some of the great birthday campaigns to get inspired. 


1. Dunkin Donuts Email Asking Current Customers to update their Birthday Details

DunkinDonuts sends a short & simple email to its current customers asking them to update their birthday details. The email subject line “Want a free beverage for your birthday? Update your info now” lists the benefit the customer will get. The open rates for this email will be higher as the customer knows what’s in it for him. The emailis also persoanlized using the first name of the customer.. The subject line is catchy, concise and encourages the reader to look inside.




2. Macy’s Birthday Email Offers Free Shipping Incentive 

Macy’s knows that people don’t like reading lengthy emails so they kept the text to a minimum. A simple, well designed email with the birthday theme and clear incentive on the top offering ‘free shipping’ is just what it takes at times to induce the readers to take the desired action.



3. LifestyleLabels Birthday Email is Classy & Enticing

Lifestyle Labels has given a personal touch to the email with the impressive image. The color contrast makes it look appealing. Besides offering a discount promo code on the next purchase above a fixed amount, the retailer has also thrown in free shipping to make it more convincing. The email also includes few key links in the bottom of the email to make this simple email more engaging & inviting.



4. Total Wine & More Birthday Email is a Visual Delight with a Shameless Plug & a Free Offer

Total Wine & More has used its product images as ornaments to give its birthday email a celebratory look and feel. The email is simple and clean despite being image heavy and includes a video to increase engagement and brand reinforcement. The subject line “A birthday treat to get you started” is good enough to grab your attention. The copy too is bound to get your attention with a personalized tone & birthday cheers. Despite offering a minimal discount coupon, the email will surely help achieve more sales. 



5. Jockey Birthday Email Aims to Drive Online & Offline Visits With a Compelling Offer

The minimalistic email is all about the benefit with clear CTA buttons to drive readers in taking the desired action. The offer is designed to woo both online & offline customers with the liberty to redeem the discount online as well as in a neighborhood Jockey store. The email builds branding with the email color theme and a tailored image, and the offer creates a slight urgency by including the expiry date before which it is to be redeemed. The footer include links to their social media profiles to encourage customers to stay connected besides s store locator link for those who are planning to do offline shopping.


6. Banana Republic Email is Designed to Serve Not Sell with an Open Offer

The retailer’s subject line “Happy Birthday! Here’s a little something just for you…” sounds enticing enough to get you to open it. The email is sent 4 days before the birthday date and is valid during your entire birthday month which makes it customer centric than salesy. Also, the online only tag creates urgency. 



7. La Senza Birthday Email is Sent Well in Advance to Plan Your Shopping

La Senza knows that you need to place your order a little before the special occasion to get the delivery, so the lingerie retailer sends its birthday email well in advance, 8 days before your birthday date. The subject line “Have a Bra-vellous Birthday from La Senza!” is funny enough to grab your attention and takes a lead in your inbox. The pre-header includes the discount offer driving you to click and the message is short & catchy to hold your attention.



8. Ballard’s Birthday Email has a Great Subject Line to Drive Open Rates

Ballard’s email subject line “Here’s some happy for your birthday – 20% off” clearly states what’s in it for me. The email is minimalistic and designed around the offer. Interestingly, rather than an image heavy email, the retailer has chosen to send it in plain text and has made it up by including the birthday cheers right at the start of the message. The footer includes offer validity to create slight urgency.



9. Anthropologie’s Birthday Emails Are Well Timed

Anthropolgie sends two birthday emails. The first email is sent on birthday. The birthday email includes an offer with 15% off the total purchase in-store or online any day during the month. The offer is valid till the end of your birthday month. Again, this gives you a lot of time to plan your shopping while creating slight urgency. 

The email is short and the content is kept to the minimum with a creative & conversational call to action. 

The second birthday email is sent as a reminder before the end of the birthday month to avail the discount.  The subject line reads “Reminder: your birthday month is coming to a close” prompting you to make the purchase without coming across as too salesy.