Boost Your Engagement and Revenue with these Clever Email Campaigns

Most of the marketers do email marketing with a motive to increase engagement and earn higher revenue, but not all email campaigns are created keeping this in mind. The inbox has become a very competitive place and as a marketer you need to gain a competitive advantage to stand out and stay in your customers’ inbox. So, it’s essential for you to send emails that not only catch the reader’s eye but also serve the basic purpose of driving more engagement and revenue. Here are few emails campaigns that are sent based on the action taken by the customers. Learn how to transform your email approach by sending the right message to the right person at the right time and get the most out of your email campaigns.


1. Browse Abandonment Email

Browse abandonment emails allow you to reach out to visitors who have shown some interest in your site by registering at it and browsing a product, but left the site without converting into a customer. These emails offers a great opportunity to remind these subscribers about the item they have browsed as well as showing some related suggestions to encourage them to visit the site again. These emails are based on subscriber’s behavior which make them more relevant and targeted, and offers you a great opportunity to engage those visitors and bring them in sales funnel.

This browse abandonment email from is clean and clutter-free. The email includes image of the browsed product along with few other handpicked suggestion you might like. All the product images are clickable and link back to the site, to encourage you to come back to the site and and make a purchase without coming across as sales-y.


2. Wishlist Going Out of Stock Email

Sending an email to the subscribers when something they have added in their wishlist is going out of stock is a good way to encourage them to complete the transaction. Normally people add something in the wishlist if they like it, but are not just ready to buy it at that point of time. Sending emails when these item(s) are about to go out of stock is a great way to create urgency and compel them to take the desired action. A great example of this is, who takes the opportunity to email people when an item they have added in their wishlist is about to go out of stock.

The email is clean and simple with a convincing yet bare minimum copy. Showing the image of the product is a good idea as it will incite the customer to take an action. The call to action too creates an urgency with an effective copy “Grab it Now.”


3. Wishlist on Sale Email

Sale emails always get attention but what makes wishlist sale notifications standout is that these emails are highly targeted and relevant and look more like an engagement email rather than a salesy one. Targeting people on the basis of their choices is a good way to engage them and sending an email when the item they have liked goes on sale is a great way to incite them to complete the transaction. Given below is an example of this tactic from ModCloth.




4. Reorder Email

Reorder emails can be sent if you deal in products that need to be replaced over a period of time such as toiletries, beauty products, food products & supplements, stationery items etc.  These emails are great way to nudge your customers at the right time and encourage them to become a repeat buyer. These are great because not only they encourage a repeat purchase, but they do so in a manner that they come across as customer service email. Take a look at this email from, it doesn’t says directly that it’s time to reorder, but gives you a reason to do that by saying that the product you have ordered earlier  has gone down in price. Targeting people on the basis of their past purchase(s) is always better as it shows that you are interested in serving them instead of just selling to them.


5. Cart Abandonment Email

Cart abandonment emails are the simplest and most effective way to encourage a lost customer to visit the site again and complete the transaction.  These emails can be used to send a limited period offer, free gift or reduced prices to incite prospects to return and complete the transaction that they have left incomplete. Take a look at this abandoned cart email from

The design of email is minimalist yet catchy. KateSpade has included a discount coupon on the top to encourage people to complete the transaction.  The coupon links to the cart page with a strong call to action “View Cart.”

The marketers over at kateSpade has also used the rest of the space to cross-sell by including similar items you might like. 


6. Thank you Email

Thank you email is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and encourage them to become a loyal customer.  The great thing about these emails is that they don’t look like normal promotional messages and shows that you value your customers and not just their business. This email from Etsy shows how to do it right. Etsy surely knows that when you offer your customer something of value, they are more likely to respond to your offer.  The email is short and simple; it just includes two sentences of copy and an easy to access discount coupon along with additional links to the query page and the last order details page.


 7. Product Review Email

Product review emails are extremely important because they allow you stay in touch with your customers and get their valuable feedback. Customer’s feedback not just help you to boost your sales but also help you to increase conversion rates, as people love reading reviews and experiences of other customers before buying a product. According to iPerceptions research, “63% of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews.”  Take a look at this product review email from The Body Shop.


This email from Body Shop is a great example of effective brand-focused marketing. The email is very specific and direct with focused call to actions. The primary CTA is kept in direct contrast to the background color to make it standout. The copy highlights the benefit of adding a review to get the customers take the desired action. There is even a sample review to make it easy for the customers to write a review.