Components Of Contact Database



Contact Database module is a repository of the unified profiles of all your users. It has a list of all your customers with their contact details and links to their unified profiles, from where you can get a single-view of all user activities and properties. The Contact Database tab on your dashboard has the following two components:




This is a list of all your users, and clicking on any column will take you to the Unified Profile of that customer. Your contacts are automatically updated here as soon as you import users during your store’s integration with Betaout.

Read this article to learn How To Import Contact Data in Betaout to import your contacts through a CSV file. You can also add a contact to appear in this list manually. This article will walk you through How to Create a New Contact.




Tags are a name you can give to a specific group of your users while importing them to Betaout. Tagging imports helps you define the type of users for your understanding. Creating a tag is fairly simple.

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