Connect Overview

What is Connect?

Connect is a simple in-site messaging tool that provides you three benefits:

  1. Instant Feedback – Your users can provide you instant feedback directly from your website
  2. Lead Capture – You can easily capture email addresses and follow up on the feedback with your users
  3. Customer Support – An integrated help desk and customer support which is easier and smarter


Why Connect?

People want to connect with other people emotionally, the photo makes that emotional connection so much easier and as the test is proving, drives people to the contact form more than a nondescript icon.

Jason Thompson

Jason conducted an A/B test on his blog to see if replacing contact icon with his own photo can lead to more people contacting him. Jason found out that photo had 48% more conversions as compared to generic icon.


Embeddable Widget

Your customers are real people. Present a human face to your users and see an instant jump in your user engagement level.


Treat your users as human

Don’t wait for your users to initiate the contact. Be proactive in reaching out. Welcome them with friendly messages.



Team Page

People want to connect with real people and not brands. Brands are not people. But brands are made by people. So why not use a real person from your company to represent your brand.