Contact Database





On this page you can all your contact making a visit on your website with details like name of the user, email address of the user, lifecycle to which that user belongs, last seen i.e the last time user was on your website and first seen date i.e the first time user came to your website.

  • Here you can add a new contact by clicking on Add New Contact and then put in first name,last name and email.



Visitors are users who visit your website but we don’t have their email address, but we can track them by their ip address and can save their events. Once we get their email address either by a sign-up or by any other way, the earlier events get linked with their email address.




Here we see the numbers of users having similar kind of properties under a specific tag name. We can also add a new tag by clicking on “ADD NEW TAGS”.(GIF FILE)

The difference between segments and tags is that the tags are added manually and users are moved in segments automatically.