E-commerce marketing ideas for Travel And Tourism


These are some of the E-commerce marketing ideas for Travel And Tourism that they can go for and become Proficient.

1. One of the most interesting campaign ideas are based around promoting locations and destinations, where movies or TV series were shot. Often stardom and shooting based sites, draw attention of the customer for future trips and plans.

*This helps in customer engagement and increased click rates for newsletters and website*





2. Trips that look simple, can be planned by the customer themselves. Hence, starting campaigns which include variety of details, itineraries and a hint of complexity, will generate the need in the customer to go for an overall package/tour. Campaigns can be designed in the similar fashion as shown in the image attached below.



*This involves increased user dependency on the website. Also displays better structuring which a customer might find planning individually, a tad bit intimidating*


3. Segregation of travellers on the basis of their modes of travel, let’s say, a cruise – helps in sending interesting newsletters to draw their attention and increase engagement. Such checklists can help them grab their essentials through just a newsletter, instead of having to do research themselves.Gestures like so, make the customer feel cherished. It’s more of a personal approach to connect with the user.




4. Segregating of travellers on the basis of transactions made helps us understand the budget of the user. On similar lines we can go ahead and provide them accommodation, daily essential tips and hacks. They need not be a part of the subscribed package or deal, but it’s to just extend a gesture of exclusivity. It sends out a message that “we do care about your travelling needs.”

Attached below is an example displaying “Hostel options” for students or bachelors who do not plan on spending heavily on accommodations.




5. Specially for the customers who are to go on a trip, or have booked a package with the website, or are frequent travellers, one can send newsletters containing travel essential hacks. Further  they can be sent differently for men and women, due to differing travel needs.




6. A campaign can be started by highlighting travel blogs on the website. Eye catching life mantras or philosophy articles also help. These can catch the attention of the customer, and hence lead to increase in click rates and subscription of newsletters. This also helps add aesthetic value to the services provided by the website.



7. One of the essential hobbies travelers have is of photography.  Campaigns can be started, in general, giving updates and newsletters on camera hacks, lens settings etc. This intrigues the customer and also creates an affinity towards the website. Newsletters catering to basic travel needs also send out a message that the client is always the priority, and that their needs are taken care of.




8. One of the campaigns that can started on-site is based on Seasons. By introducing various heat indexes for customers, we can improve traffic and stickiness for certain destinations. Let’s say, using the filter “Best time” we can aim for a group of months , April to July, and introduce a summer offer campaign for the customers.



9. Filtering of travelers on your website by introducing a little pop-up icon for them to categorize themselves into different groups such as Business, Premium, Economy, Students, newely weds etc. Once they click on a certain check box or radio button, they will be either taken to the respective deal/ offer page, or we can take their email ID for future reference – in terms of sending news letters personally.



Filtration can also be done on the basis of transactions made by the customers. Or the category of credit/debit cards used during the transaction. This way we can customize campaigns to suit needs of different spenders.


*This will help increase the number of clicks on websites and emails as sent.*

By doing this, we have a clear division of the types of travelers on the basis of which new campaigns can be designed and started.

Adding examples for your reference.





10. We can use user-generated content from social networking sites of your own page on Facebook or Instagram, let’s say, and then post campaigns and newsletters using the same content. This creates a mutual trust between previous customers and the new ones. They can further follow the link and interact with each other on the social media, which will further strengthen the existing customer base, as well as expanding new ones.


*Increases click rates and subscriptions on social media pages as well as directly the website*

Attaching example for your reference.







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