Email Examples for New Features Announcement

New feature announcement can be a great way to create excitement among existing customers and win back inactive users. The feature update emails should not be cluttered and focus should be kept on listing the benefits with clean visuals. A single call to action will be effective in convincing them to try it.


1. ASANA minimalistic template is an attention grabber 

Subject line: Introducing Inbox from Asana

A visually appealing email with a single screenshot, bullet points explaining the feature and a prominent call to action. The two column layout leaves maximum impact with equal focus on the amount of information and the visual.




2. Evernote email template for introducing new features 

Evernote keeps it simple & helpful with step-by-step instructions to get users to try its new feature. The CTA is strong as well. And, they have used beautiful icons to illustrate new features.



3. Evernote’s new version announcement is simple with effective copy

Evernote keeps it extremely concise but with a very effective copy in its new feature announcement. The visual too is on-brand.



4. Klout’s Clean & simple email includes graphic for ease of taking action

Klout keeps its new feature email highly focussed and self explanatory to get subscribers to use it. The email has been personalized with the recipient’s first name.



5. LayerVault’s new feature announcement offers graphics for ease of use

LayerVault new feature email includes strong CTA’s and includes beautiful imagery for ease of action.



6. Mixpanel email announcement uses feature screenshots with a strong CTA

Mixpanel quick feature update email keeps it simple with two screenshots of its new feature and a copy with strong CTA. 



7. ChartBeat New Feature Announcement Email

Chartbeat feature announcement email starts with a nice catch phrase “Drum Roll.” The email keeps the main focus on the new feature with a colorful screenshot at the top. The text too is highlighted and lists the benefits to get the subscriber excited. The call to action is clear & strong. The tone has been kept conversational to engage the subscriber.