Email Marketing Tool Overview



Email is a great way to be in touch with your current and potential customers. Email is also a great way to nurture your leads in their various lifecycle stages. If done right, it can be highly rewarding with a great ROI. For every $1 marketers spend on email, the average ROI is $40 (source: DMA)..

Betaout’s email marketing tool lets you segment your leads by their demographics, behaviors, activities and intent. We have inbuilt tools that can make it very easy to send different emails based on different user segments and hence get a high response rate for every email campaign you run.

Some use cases on email marketing tool

  • Sending weekly or monthly newsletter
  • Automatically sending email to users who have not logged in for last 30 days
  • New feature announcement
  • Tracking email opens and clicks of all emails by a single user
  • Sending a series of three emails to a user after they sign up

Betaout’s Email Marketing Tool

  1. Behavioral Emails / Lifecycle Marketing Emails.

    Betaout automatically segments your users based on their behaviors, customer status, the level of engagement, spending habits. Through Behavioural Email Marketing Tool you can send relevant and timely information to your users as they enter or leave your pre-defined segments Use Cases:

    Behavioural Segment Email
    e-Commerce Those users who have added a product to the shopping cart but doesn’t make a purchase in 48 hours. Send a reminder email to the user after few days of cart abandonment. Might add a small discount or free shipping based on shopping cart value or shipping location.
    SaaS Those registered users who have done no activity in last 30 days. Send a gentle reminder, asking him if he is facing any problem regarding your application or product.
    Marketer / Sales Those potential customers who have downloaded an ebook/pdf or have watched a video. Send an invitation for an online webinar or a personal demo.

  2. Drip Campaigns

    It’s a series of auto-responder emails that are sent out in a specified time interval to customers who opt-in to your website. Drip campaigns are highly effective in nurturing your leads, prospects, and customers.

    Use Cases:


    Campaign Drips
    e-Commerce User purchases a product Day 1 – Thank him for purchasing the product
    Day 3 – Ask him for a product review
    Day 5 – (if no response) Remind him to add a product review, might offer some discount on next purchase
    SaaS New Sign Up
    Series of email educating him about one unique product feature or use case in every mail.
    Day 1 – Welcome Email
    Day 3 – How to use Feature X to do something
    Day 5 – How to use Feature Y to do something
    Day 7 – How to use Feature Z to do something
    Marketer / Sales Series of follow-up emails Day 1 – Sales pitch
    Day 3 – (if no response) – follow up with some case studies of his competitors
    Day 7 – (if still no response) – follow up with a catching line and more case studies
    Day 15 – (if still no response) – final follow-up

  3. Transactional Emails

    These emails are sent to a user as a result of action triggered by the user. These are automated notifications such as welcome emails, order confirmations, reminders etc.

    Transactional emails have significantly higher open, read and conversion rates than other emails because it’s in response to a user-initiated action, and is perceived by the user as a non-marketing email.

    Use Cases:


    Behaviour Email
    e-Commerce When a user has added his first product review. Send an email thanking him for his review. You can use this opportunity and tell him why these product reviews are so important and how he is helping shoppers make a right choice. This can increase subsequent reviews by the first-time reviewers.
    SaaS When a user has successfully done a specific primary action Send the user some use cases or ideas which others are using for that primary action to derive great value.
    CRM Potential customer has downloaded an ebook/pdf or watched a video. Send an invitation for an online webinar or a personal demo.

  4. Newsletter / Announcements

    Newsletter is one of the oldest email marketing tool that has resulted in a great ROI to marketers when done right. Some examples of its use-cases.

    1. Announcing new feature updates to your existing clients
    2. Alerting your users of upcoming sales or special-offers
    3. Updating potential investors of your updates/achievements
    4. Curating best articles/links in a specific niche and sending to your subscribers list

  5. One-to-One

    You can quickly send an email to a specific user. The only difference between using this interface and your favorite Email client is that this email will have tracking code embedded automatically so that you know if the recipient has opened it and clicked any link in the email.


    What makes it useful?

    Betaout provides you default tracking tools so that you can capture various metrics of all of your recipients.

    – Email Open Rate Tracking
    – Click Tracking
    – Source Tracking
    – Identity tracking

    This tracking is initiated automatically in all emails types (Newsletter, Behavioural, Transactional, Drip Campaigns and One-to-One). These don’t interfere with your user experience or functionality of the links embedded in the emails.

    The Email tracking gives great insights about your users’ activity (are they reading your emails, or clicking links on your email) even if they don’t reply with the help of email marketing tool.


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