FAQs Of Abandoned Carts | FAQs Of Cart Recovery


1. What is Betaout’s Cart Recovery Module?

Betaout’s Cart Recovery module is a retargeting channel which allows e-commerce stores to engage with the customers who abandon their online shopping carts after adding products to them. Using Cart Recovery, these people can be targeted through drip campaign consisting of Email(s) and SMS message(s)..


2. How can I start recovering Abandoned Carts?

You can start recovering abandoned carts for your ecommerce store by setting up a Cart Recovery campaign from your Betaout account.


3. What is an Abandoned Cart?

An Abandoned Cart is referred to as the instance in which a customer added products to their shopping cart but did not complete the checkout process.


4. What is a Targeted Cart?

A Targeted Cart is referred to as the Abandoned Cart that you target to recover.


5. What is a Re-Abandoned Cart?

A Re-Abandoned Cart is referred to the instance when a Targeted Cart is abandoned by a customer.


6. What is a Re-Targeted Cart?

A Re-Targeted Cart is referred to as the Re-Abandoned Cart that you target to recover.


7. What is a Recovered Cart?

A Recovered Cart is referred to a cart on which purchase was completed after getting abandoned.


8. What is Abandoned Revenue?

Abandoned Revenue refers to the revenue equivalent of the total number of Abandoned Carts.


9. What is Targeted Revenue?

Targeted Revenue refers to the revenue equivalent from the Targeted Carts.


10. What is Recovered Revenue?

Recovered Revenue refers to the revenue generated from all Recovered Carts.


11. How many sequences can I add in a Cart Recovery Campaign?

You can add as many Email and SMS sequences you wish to add to a Cart Recovery campaign.


12. Can I change the targeting in Cart Recovery Campaign after creating it?

You can’t change the targeting of a Cart Recovery Campaign once it is set up.


13. On what basis can I target carts?

You can target carts on the basis of Cart Value, Product-based properties, Category-based properties, Brand-based properties, Segmentation and No. Of Products.


14. What happens if a user lies in two types of Cart Recovery Campaigns?

You can choose to give priority to the campaign you want, in case there are more than one campaigns eligible for a user.

abandoned cart

15. How can I test if Cart Recovery is working fine?

You can test a Cart Recovery campaign by performing a Cart Abandonment activity with the selected rules on your e-commerce store.

For ex: If you’ve created a Cart Recovery campaign which immediately targets users with an email if the abandoned cart value is more than $100, trying leaving a product worth more than $100 in your cart and check your email to see if you’ve been targeted with a Cart Recovery email.


16. What basic settings are needed to set-up Cart Recovery?

The basic settings required to set-up Cart Recovery are as follows. In Settings > Lookup Window:

  1. Add a value against to Abandoned Cart and click on save.
  2. Enable the Abandoned Cart option.

Abandoned Cart


17. How can I change the currency for Cart Recovery emails?

You can’t change the currency for your Betaout account or any other module once your account has been set-up. You have the option to do so only while your e-commerce store is being integrated with your Betaout account.

However, you can choose to change your currency format from Account settings > Currency Format.


18. Can I know how many carts were recovered from first sequence and how many from subsequent ones?

No, this cannot be determined.


19. How can I add a standard coupon code in the mail sequence of a campaign?

You can add a standard coupon code by including it as text/image in the design of your email.


20. How can I export Cart Recovery related data?

You can export all your Cart Recovery related data by clicking on the export data icon near Create Campaign button on the Campaigns page under Cart Recovery module.


21. How can I ensure that there is a time difference between two cart emails?

You can choose to set a time interval between subsequent cart recovery emails while setting them up. This option is available when you are designing the email for your cart recovery campaign and can be selected for all your email and SMS sequences.

cart recovery campaigns


22. How do I set the time for a cart to be considered as abandoned?

Betaout account > Settings > Lookup Window > Abandoned Cart (set time here)

Abandoned Cart


23. What is a Lost Cart?

Lost Cart is referred to a cart which could not be recovered even after a specific time interval that was set for the cart to be considered lost.


24. How can I set a time window for a cart to be considered as a Lost Cart?

Betaout account > Settings > Lookup Window > Lost Cart (set time here)

Abandoned Cart


25. What is Anti-gaming technology?

Anti-gaming Technology is an advanced feature in Betaout that protects you from fraudulent users who try to game the discounting process. Anti-gaming makes sure that a customer who has received a discount offer is restricted from being sent one in subsequent campaigns.


26. How many products of the cart can be shown in a Cart Recovery email?

You can show a maximum of 3 products in a Cart Recovery email.


27. If a customer abandons 5 products in a cart but the template has place only for two, then which two products will be sent in the email?

In such a case, the products that were added to the cart last will be shown in the email.


28. What all product attributes should be included in a Cart Recovery Email?

You should include product url, image url, product name, product price, product quantity, sku ID in a Cart Recover Email.


29. If the email template has place for more products, say 3, but customer adds only 1 product in cart, then what wil show in the cart recovery email?

In such a case, only one product will be shown to customer in a well-optimized manner.


30. Can I put any UTM code to track Cart Recovery Emails? How?

Yes, you can put UTM code on your Cart Recovery emails. You can do this by including the UTM code in the links you include in your Cart Recovery email.


31. What is CAN-SPAM?

CAN-SPAM is short for the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, which is a law that was signed into effect to set rules for commercial electronic messages and provide recipients with the right to request that messages stop getting sent to them.


32. If sequence two is given time of 5 minutes, is it 5 minutes after abandonment of cart or 5 minutes after the first sequence?

The time of sending for any campaign sequence is calculated from when the cart abandonment event is occurred, irrespective of the timing of other sequences.


33. Can I personalize Cart Recovery emails?

No, Cart Recovery emails can not be personalized as of yet.


34. Can I personalize the subject line of Cart Recovery emails?

No, the subject line of Cart Recovery emails can not be personalized as of yet.


35. Can I have a different sender for Cart Recovery than my regular emails?

Yes, you can have a different sender for your Cart Recovery emails.


36. What is Target URL?

Target URL is the URL where a user is redirected upon clicking on the CTA button of your cart recovery email.


37. What is Alt Text?

Alt text is the alternative text that appears when images aren’t loaded in an email.


38. What is Title Text?

Title Text is simply the title of the image being used in the email.


39. How can I see the Cart Recovery email for mobile devices?

You can preview how your email will look for desktop or mobile devices by clicking on the Preview button while designing the email for your cart recovery campaign.



40. How can I activate a campaign?

You can activate a Cart Recovery campaign by (a) clicking on Make Active on your Cart Recovery Campaign set-up page, or (b) clicking on the Make Active button (in between Edit and Copy) on the Campaigns page.


41. How can I deactivate a campaign?

You can activate a Cart Recovery campaign by clicking on the Make Inactive button (in between Edit and Copy) on the Campaigns page.


42. Can we define currency format for cart recovery mailers?



43. User cart is abandoned but not targeted?

Campaign might not be active for the user.


44. Cart abandoned event is not showing for user?

Abandon window is not enabled.


45. Is coupon code functionality available for Cart Recovery?



46. Can we use different coupon list for cart recovery campaign sequences?



47. When do user receive cart recovered event?

On completing a purchase.


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