FAQs of Segment Lifecycle

1. How many lifecycle or segment do we create on betaout panel?



2.By when does the data for users start showing in a segment/lifecycle?

Revenue and order data will start showing for the users from the day they are processed in a segment/lifecycle


3. There is a predefined lifecycle with rule say user property-> email-> simply has this property And some x number of users are shown in this. Create a lifecycle again using same rule then number of users shown are less.Why it is so?

We provide order while creating a lifecycle. User which once moves out from a lifecycle can not enter in the same lifecycle again


4. Difference between AND and OR based rules?

In AND all of the conditions should get true for the user. In OR any of the condition should get true.


5. Can we create segmentation for apn_id, gcm_id, order from segmentation page?