FAQs Of Web Push Notifications



1. What are Web Push Notifications?

Web Push Notifications or Browser Push Notifications are clickable messages that can be sent from a website to its subscribers on both desktop or mobile devices. These notifications get delivered in real-time, even if the website isn’t open on the user’s browser when they are sent. They are a great way to re-engage with your visitors without knowing their email or any other contact details..


2. What are the types of Web Push Notifications campaign I can send using Betaout?

Using Betaout, you can send Subscription Campaign and Broadcast Campaign.


3. What is a Subscription Campaign? 

A Subscription Campaign is a Web Push Notifications campaign one which solicits your website visitors’ permission to allow you to send Browser Push Notifications to their device. When a user arrives on your website, a small dialog box asks them for their permission to send push notifications. If they click on ‘Allow’, your website can start triggering notifications even when they’re not present on your website.

Web Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications


4. What is a Broadcast Campaign?

A Broadcast Campaign is a Web Push Notifications campaign which allows you to send Browser Push Notifications to your subscribers. Upon setting up a Broadcast Campaign, your recipients will receive clickable messages as shown in the image below.

Browser Push Notifications



Subscription Campaign


5. Can I customize targeting of a Subscription Campaign for my website visitors?

Yes, you can customize the targeting of a Subscription Campaign based on a number of settings. This can be done on the Target page while setting up a Subscription Campaign.


6. If someone clicks Block to a Subscription  Web Push Notifications Campaign, can I never send them a Subscription Campaign again?

Once a visitor clicks on Block to your Subscription Campaign, you can not send them another one again unless they manually allow you to send them Browser Push Notifications again.


7. What happens when someone clicks Allow to a Subscription Web Push Notifications Campaign?

When a site visitor clicks allow to your Subscription Campaign, you can start triggering Browser Push Notifications to them using Betaout.


8. What is On-Site Custom Subscription?

On-site Custom Subscription is an added functionality in Betaout’s Browser Push Notifications module which allows you to use an On-Site Engagement tool like pop-up, sticky bar etc. to ask for your site visitors’ permission to receive Browser Push Notifications from you.


9. How do I set up an On-Site Custom Subscription  Web Push Notifications Campaign for my store using Betaout?

Setting up an On-Site Custom Subscription Campaign requires two parts:


10. Creating an On-Site Marketing Campaign With Custom Template And Making It Active



  1. Go to On-Site Marketing
  2. Create new campaign and use custom template
  3. Design your custom template and use the class ’bout_pushEngage_click’ wherever needed.
  4. On target page :

i) Select “Yes, Don’t show again after engaging” under “DO NOT SHOW THIS INSTANCE AGAIN AFTER CLICK MADE ON ANY LINK OR BUTTON OF INSTANCE”.

Browser Push Notifications

ii) Select the Target page as required

iii) Click on Save And Next and make the campaign Active.

11. Creating a Browser Push Subscription Campaign with the same targeting as On-site Marketing Campaign created in I.


  1. Go to Browser Push
  2. Create a new Subscription Campaign.
  3. On Target page :


Browser Push Notifications

 ii) Select the Targeted page as required

iii)Click on Save And Next and make the campaign Active.


12. What is Page View Target in Betaout?

Page View Target allows you to target a visitor with a Subscription Campaign after they’ve viewed a given number of pages on your website, as desired by you.


13. How does Show This Instance work Betaout’s Web Push Notifications?

Show This Instance allows you to set the timing of how your Subscription Campaign is shown to the site visitors. This setting gives you control over the frequency of your Subscription Campaign, as it is shown to your site visitors.


14. What is Don’t Display Below Width in Betaout’s Web Push Notifications?

Don’t Display Below Width allows you choose if you wish to hide your Subscription Campaign below a selected size in pixels.


15. How does Target Pages work in Betaout?

Target Pages allows you to select if you wish to target your Subscription Campaign to either all pages or to specific pages of your website. You can choose the AND/OR condition to target the Subscription Campaign on specific pages.


16. How do I target my Subscription Campaign by Device?

You can choose to target your subscription campaign based on device type like Desktop, Phone Tablets etc. from the Target page.


17. How do I target my Subscription Campaign by Platform?

You can choose to target your subscription campaign based on platform type like Windows, iOS, Android etc. from the Target page.


18. How do I target my Subscription Campaign by Browser?

You can choose to target your subscription campaign based on browser type like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox from the Target page.


19. How does Time Spent On A Page By A Visitor work?

Time Spent On A Page By Visitor allows you to configure after how long the Subscription Campaign is shown to the visitor on the Target page.


20. What does Show After Scrolling mean?

Show After Scrolling allows you to configure your Subscription Campaign to be shown only after the visitor has scrolled up or down on the targeted page of your website.


21. What is meant by Referral Site Targeting?

Referral Site refers to the website from which the user was redirected to the current website . So for targeting the user coming from a certain domain, you have to set that as referrer.


22. What is UTM Targeting in Betaout’s Web Push Notifications?

UTM parameters or Urchin Tracking Module parameters (UTM) are a variant of URL parameters used by marketers to track the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns across traffic sources and publishing media. For targeting users coming in after interacting with a certain online marketing campaign, you need to provide its UTM parameters in this option.


23. Can I use a custom design for Subscription Campaigns?

Currently, you can only use a universal design for Subscription Campaigns.


24. Can I send an acknowledgment/thank you browser push notification message immediately after a visitor subscribes to my Subscription Campaign? How?

Yes, you can send a push notification message immediately after a visitor subscribe. For this to be possible, you have to set up this message while creating your Subscription Campaign.

Web Push Notifications


25. Can I schedule a Subscription Campaign? How?

Yes, you can schedule your Subscription Campaign to be sent at a time you want. While setting up your Subscription Campaign, you can Set Date & Time under the Active page.


Broadcast Campaign


26. Can I target a Broadcast Campaign to a segment of users?

Yes, you can target a Broadcast Campaign to a segment of users as desired.


27. Can I personalize my Browser Push Notification Broadcast Campaign using first name property? What about other details?

Yes, you can send out personalized mailers to all those users whose first name/full name are available in the system, and not based on other properties. For all others whose first name/full name is not available, we use a property called ‘Fallback’.

To personalise, you can put the user property that is to be fetched dynamically within curly brackets like this example below, in the subject line or HTML of the mailer.

Ex: Hey {{firstname}}, how are you doing?

We recommend always using a ‘fallback’ for eg:

Hey {{firstname, dear}}, how are you doing?


28. What is a Fallback in Betaout’s Web Push Notifications?

As the name suggests, a Fallback is the word that appears in place of the custom property if the custom property for that user isn’t available for your account in the Betaout system. When a user is creating a campaign and is entering a custom property as ‘{{ firstname }}’, in certain cases this property isn’t available for certain segment of that campaign. For solving such a case, a fallback is introduced which will be as ‘{{ firstname, dear }}’ where ‘dear’ will be the fallback, if “firstname” couldn’t be found.


29. Can I do an event triggered Browser Push Notification Campaign for all those who just signed up on my site?

No, Event-triggered Browser Push Campaigns are not available.


30. Can I know which button is getting more clicks in a Broadcast Campaign with more than one button?

No, this functionality is not yet available.


31. On the Design page while setting up Broadcast Campaign, what is Delay While Idle?

Delay while idle withholds the Browser Push notification till the targeted user’s device comes back to an active state. So, if a notification is sent to a device and the device is in an idle or inactive state i.e. the browser services are stopped or are in an inactive state, the notification will not be displayed. When the services are back up , the notification will be displayed.


32. What is meant by Require Interaction?

If you select Require Interaction user will have to click on the notification or close to dismiss it. If unchecked, the notification is dismissed after a certain time.


33. What is meant by Time To Live?

Time To Live is the duration for which the Browser Push Notification is withheld by Betaout in case the targeted user’s device is in an inactive state. By default, it is 4 weeks for a browser push notification.


34. How many buttons do a Browser Push Notification support?

A Browser Push Notifications supports upto two buttons in when delivered in a Chrome Browser. However, there is no option for a button, when delivering the notification in Firefox Browser. The buttons in the notification are actionable in nature and land the recipient to the targeted URL as set on a particular button.


35. How do I add more than one button to my Browser Push Notification?

On the Design page while setting-up a Broadcast Campaign for Browser Push Notifications, click on Add Action Button.


36. How do I add an image to my Web Push Notifications in Betaout?

On the Design page while setting up a Broadcast Campaign for Browser Push Notifications, click on Add Image. You can either upload the image manually or enter the URL for the image.

37. How does Betaout’s Web Push Notifications with image look like?

This is how a Browser Push Notification with image looks like:

Browser Push Notification


38. Where can I see the user count while setting-up a Browser Push Notifications Broadcast Campaign?

You can see the user count while you’re setting up the Browser Push Notification, on the Target page. Additionally, user count will show in a pop-up after you click on OK, Send After Calculating on the Active page.


39. Can I schedule a Broadcast Campaign? How?

Yes, you can schedule your Broadcast Campaign to be sent at a time you want. While setting up your Subscription Campaign, you can Set Date & Time under the Active page.


40. What is Notification Tag? How does it work?

Notification Tags are used when you want notifications from different campaigns to supersede each other in order to delivery. All the notifications will be displayed and will be displayed one after the other. So when the user interacts/dismisses the top notification, the previous notification would be under it. It helps to avoid stacking of notifications on top of each other.


41. What is the Edit Time Interval setting on the Target page while setting up a Browser Push Notifications Campaign?

Edit time interval refers to the configuring of the time interval between two different notifications being sent to the same user. So, if user A has been sent a notification at 12:00 p.m. and the time interval is set at 60 (minutes), the user would not be eligible to receive another push till 1:00 p.m.. and would be automatically eliminated from any Browser Push campaigns between 12:01 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.


42. No notification is received by user who login to his system after 1.5 month.Browser push is sent to him.

GCM store the notification for 4 week, after that notification will not be shown to the user


43. Data for total is almost double to the number of subscribed user in DPN?

Show+subscribe in DPN


44. Can we send broadcast campaign to the users who don’t subscribe to receive Browser Push Notifications?



45. On choose recipient page, user count for specific rule in AND and OR condition is not same. Why?

While selecting Browser condition changes to OR.


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