Four Transactional Emails Every Ecommerce Business Should Send

If you run an online business, most likely you are already sending transactional emails. Since they’re triggered on the basis of a user’s actions, these emails tend to have the highest open rates across all categories of email. 

Normally marketers don’t pay much attention when crafting these emails, but these emails can boost engagement as well as sales. As people are more likely to read these emails, there stands an opportunity to increase your revenue by cross-selling your products after a purchase. 

Here are four such transactional emails to get inspiration from.

1. Welcome Emails

This is the first email which a subscriber receives from your side, and these should be designed and crafted to create the right first impression. Also, these emails should encourage people to stay connected and give them a reason to become your customer.

Here is an example:


Subject line: Welcome: Enjoy 10% Off Your Next Order!

I like this email from Dolce vita, they have given a perfect welcoming feel to this email. Also, they’ve included just the right amount of copy and nice imagery. Only the call to action button could be a little more prominent in comparison to their social buttons. 

Here is one more example:


Subject line: Welcome, Reshu, to

I love this email from Toryburch for several reasons. Firstly, they’ve used a personalized subject line which is a great way to build an immediate connection with the subscriber. Secondly, the design of the email is beautiful as well as soothing and the tone of the email is very friendly and conversational. Thirdly, they’ve included the link of their each and every social profile at the bottom of the email along with the link of their mobile app which is a good way to encourage people to stay connected.


2. Reminder Emails 

These emails are very important for every business, the reason being they will encourage your subscriber(s) or customer(s) to take an important action. 

Not every subscriber becomes a customer and similarly not every customer becomes a repeat buyer. Sometimes your subscribers and customers need that extra nudge. When done right, these emails will induce the recipient to take the desired action. 

Here is an example:


Subject line: We miss you! Don’t forget to use your welcome voucher

This email is from, the subject line of this email clarified what is in it for me. The design and layout of the email is also very clean and prominent. It clearly mentions the expiry date of my coupon to tell me exactly how much time is left for me to redeem the coupon.


3. Order Confirmation Emails

Every email marketer knows that order confirmation emails have a very high open rate, but few ecommerce businesses actually pay attention when designing and crafting them. These messages are worth investing the time and effort as they not only give you the opportunity to up-sell or cross-sell, but also to deepen your relationships with your customers.

Take a look at this email from MLB:


MLB clearly knew that people are more receptive to your messages when they made a purchase from your site till few days after receiving their order. So, they’ve used this opportunity to increase their sales. They’ve suggested few products which people may like in this order confirmation email to induce recipients to shop more.


4. Notification Emails

These messages are very important for ecommerce businesses as they give you an opportunity to induce subscribers to take the desired action. Also, they can be used to stay connected with your subscribers. Back in stock emails, wishlist on sale emails and suggestions based on out of stock emails are all examples of notification emails.

Given below is an example:


Normally brands send you back in stock email when that particular item is back in stock again, but this one from Charles&Keith is different from them. They have sent me this email to confirm that they have received a back in stock notification request from my side. This is a good approach to connect with the subscribers. And they’ve also included the links to their main social profiles and a link to their site at the bottom of the email, which is a great way to encourage the susbcribers to stay connected.


Transactional messages have the highest open rates, so don’t waste this opportunity, use it not only to tell but to sell as well.