General Settings in Betaout Marketing Automation Platform



Following are a set of General Settings available in Betaout Marketing Automation Platform:




Team Members are people who you have given access to various activities on your Betaout Marketing Automation Platform account. You can define a Role for each Team Member you add, to access your Betaout account. Adding a new member to your time is fairly simple, start here:

Step 1: Click on Add New Team Member to add a new team member.

Step 2: Enter the Name, Email; choose a Role and click on Save.




Team Member Activity allows you to keep a track of the activities of your team members on the Betaout Marketing Automation Platform account.




Referral Exclusion List is a list of domains you want to exclude from receiving your referrals. Enter the Domain Name you want to exclude in the Add New field and click on Save to complete the process for your Betaout Marketing Automation Platform account.




Customers who have purchased more recently, more frequently, and have spent more money, are likelier to buy again. But those who haven’t, are less valuable for the company and therefore, likely to churn.

RFM stands for

Recency – How recently did the customer purchase?

Frequency – How often do they purchase?

Monetary Value -How much do they spend?

By giving points, for various hierarchies, you can easily find out who are your best customers in your Betaout Marketing Automation Platform account.

Marketing Automation Platform




Lookup Window allows you to set the properties for various types of Customers’ Churn Window in your Betaout Marketing Automation Platform account.

Marketing Automation Platform


  • Churned is the duration for a Churned Customer
  • Abandoned Cart is the duration for an abandoned cart
  • Lost Cart is the duration for a Lost Cart
  • Anti Gaming is the duration for Anti Gaming




Here you can access various account settings such as:

  • Account Information
  • Timezone
  • Change Language
  • Currency Format




User Role allows you to create a set of permissions for the team members you add to your account. Creating a new User Role is very easy, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on Add New Role and choose a Role Name and Description.

Step 2: Select the permissions for a section by choosing from  Custom Approve, Approve This Whole Section and Hide.

Step 3: Click on Save & Exit to complete the process.




This allows you to track your live data that through the Betaout Marketing Automation Platform app.