How To Customize A Cart Recovery Email In WYSIWYG Editor



Betaout provides a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) email editor which vastly eases composing and designing emails for the various campaigns. Just follow these steps to create one:


Step 1: Choose a template for your email on the template selection page by clicking on Use This Template.


Step 2: Enter the subject line, sender’s email address and the time of sending the email you’ve decided for your campaign in Subject, Choose Sender and Choose Time of Sending respectively.


Step 3:

a) For Custom Drag HTML, follow these steps:

  • Add your HTML code in HTML Edit box.
  • Click on Choose File to add an image to get Upload Image URL.
  • Add Custom Attribute And Class wherever required,


b) For Pre-designed templates, follow these steps:

  • Drag-and-drop the elements of the email as desired to the Email Editor on the right and build a template. If you wish to edit an Existing Template, jump to next step.
  • In the Email Editor, hover your mouse over the element you wish to make changes to and choose the action you want.

  Move – Allows you to change the position of an element

  Upload Background Image – To upload a background image or replace existing one

  Make a Copy – To make a copy of the specific element

  Delete – To delete the element


Image files have four additional actions:

           GIF Maker – To combine two or more pictures to create animated slideshow

           Insert a Link – To embed a link to the image

           Photo Editor – To edit the image

           Upload Image – To upload an image to replace the existing image


Step 5: Click on Send Test Email in the menu to send the email you’ve created to test addresses.  Click on Save & Exit to go back to creating the Cart Recovery Campaign.