How To Customize A Mobile Lead Capture On-Site Engagement Tool In WYSIWYG Editor



Mobile Lead Capture Campaign has three components that you need to design in the WYSIWYG Editor:

  • Main to modify the On-site Engagement tool
  • Thank you for making changes to the message that appears after the visitor submits their mobile number
  • SMS to edit the SMS that is sent once the visitor enters their mobile number

To make changes to the On-site Engagement Tool you selected, choose Main and follow these four steps.


Step 1: Choose from the Pre-designed Templates or Custom HTML.


Step 2: Select the options like Tool Position, Animation Type etc. and other properties according to the type of the tool.


Step 3: To edit the content and look of the selected tool in the Editor, hover your mouse over the element (image, text box etc.) you want to make changes to and select it.


Step 4: Make the changes as required in the menu that appears on the left of your window upon selecting an element.


Step 5:  Now you’ll be required to make changes to the other two components i.e. Thankyou and SMS. Proceed as follows:

  • Select the component you want to make changes to.
  • Choose the properties and enter the requirements accordingly.
  • To modify the elements of Thank you, select the element from the Editor and make the changes as required in the menu that appears on the left.


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