How To Import Order Data In Betaout



This article will walk you through the steps involved in importing your Order Data in Betaout.


Step 1: In the Settings menu, click on User Import.


Step 2: Under the Orders tab, click on Add New Import.


Step 3: Click on Upload File to upload the CSV file from where you want to import data.

NOTE: If you want to allocate a Category and/or Brand, your CSV file must include the required columns.


Step 4: Enter the fields as required.

  • Name your import is the name you want to give to this import
  • Add tags for this import if you want to give a tag to this import


Step 5: Attribute Betaout’s User Properties for the header fields found in CSV from the drop-down menus Select Property Group and Select a Property Now.


Step 6: Click on Start Importing to complete the process.



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