How To Set-Up Broadcast Campaign For Browser Push Notifications



Follow the steps given below to learn how to set-up a Broadcast Campaign for Browser Push Notifications from your Betaout account.


Step 1: In the Browser Push tab in your dashboard, click on Campaigns.


Step 2: Choose Subscription from the Campaign Options and click on Create Campaign.


Step 3: Enter a Campaign Title as desired and click Save & Next to proceed.


Step 4: Customize the push notification in the menu on the left side of your screen

  • Notification Title to add the title text
  • Compose Push Message to add your message
  • Landing Page URL to add the link where the subscriber will be redirected


Step 5: Expand the article “How to choose the Target Audience for a Browser Push Campaign to learn how to choose the recipients of this campaign. Proceed to the final step by clicking on Save & Next.

Note: You can also target which browser to send the broadcast notification to.


Step 6: Click on Ok, Send After Calculating to activate the campaign immediately, or click on Schedule & Send to schedule the activation.


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