How To Set-Up A Cart Recovery Campaign



Follow the steps given below to learn how to set-up a Cart Recovery Campaign from your Betaout account.


Step 1: In the Cart Recovery tab in your dashboard, choose Campaigns and click on Create Campaign.


Step 2: Enter a name for this campaign and click on Save & Next.


Step 3: Now you’ll be required to choose the target audience for this Cart Recovery Campaign.

  • Click on Add New “And” Condition.
  • From the drop down menu, start creating a targeting condition based on the properties as required by you.
  • Add as many conditions to you want. The campaign will be targeted to customers who meet all of the conditions.

Click on Save & Next to proceed.


Step 4: Click on Add Email if you wish to add an email to the campaign, or Add SMS to add an SMS.


Step 5: Expand this article on How to customize a Cart Recovery Email in the WYSIWYG Editor to learn how to design and compose an email.


Step 6: For adding an SMS:

  • Choose SMS Gateway to select one.
  • SMS Text to add your message.
  • Choose Time Of Sending to set a schedule for the SMS to be sent.


Step 7: Add the number of Emails and SMS as required by you. Click on Make Active to activate the created campaign.