How to Use Out of Stock Triggered Email to Increase Your Sales

Product go out of stock on ecommerce websites frequently, it’s a common problem. But, the way you treat this situation will determine whether you will lose sales or gain sales because of it.

You can use this opportunity to drive real revenue by simply giving people an option to be notified when that particular item is back in stock. Giving people this option will not only increase the chances of selling that specific product again to them, but it also gives you an opportunity to target them on the basis of their choices. Sending emails with similar suggestions and back in stock emails will increase the chance of people visiting your site again which in turn will boost your chances of selling to them again.

Here are few emails which I received from after asking them to notify me when a particular out of stock product will be back in stock. And how you can learn from their out of stock triggered email series to improve your own.


Subject line: ” “More items like Catherine Malandrino Silk Eyelet A-line Dress”.

This is the first email from the series. The email is clean and structured in design and all the product images along with the links are clickable. They mail only features the items of a particular size which i have shortlisted which is a good way to make it more relevant and worth checking. The bottom of the email features their app link and link to their two main social profiles which is a good way to encourage people to stay connected.



Subject line: “We have found more of what you love…”

The second email from the series feature not only a different subject line, a slightly different design, but also a different and more direct call to action, “Buy Now”. All the links including the price links in this mail are clickable and take you to the particular product page which is not the case with the first email. The email also features sales you might have missed to give people one more reason to visit the website.


Subject line: “We have found more of what you love”.

Given above is the third one from the out of stock triggered email series from The design and copy of this mail is exactly the same as the second one except few changes in suggested product and sale you might have missed.


Subject line: “Catherine Malandrino is back on Gilt – Tomorrow at noon ET”

The fourth email from the series is similar in design to the 2nd and 3rd one but there are two things which makes it totally different from the earlier mail in the series.

Firstly, it’s copy is totally different from the earlier ones in the series. It intimates me about a particular sale from a designer from which i have asked them to notify me about a out of stock product earlier. 

Secondly, the focus of this mail is kept on the primary call to action button which is both designed and placed in a manner that it will encourage the recipient to act.