Image Resizing On The Fly or Dynamic Image Resizing for Email

With the ever increasing number of device types that consumers have the choice to use, it becomes essential for techies and marketers to ensure that the user experience and quality of customer engagement is first-rate. Whether a user is on the mobile app, or on the website via a mobile or desktop, they should get an undifferentiated, seamless experience. Similarly, if they receive an email, it should render responsively whether they wish to open it on their mobile app, or via their desktop. If the email contains images, they should get aligned according to the device type, screen resolution, internet speed, so on and so forth..


Resizing images on the fly refers to the use of OTF (on the fly) image processing technology to automatically re-shape, crop and filter images through the use of URL parameters. Also known as on-the-fly cropping, OTF image processing enables developers to define one-off custom dimensions and manipulations of images as they need so that images can be dynamically resized based on variance in parameters like device type, screen resolution, platform etc.


For illustration purpose, above is an example of the same image being resized based on different query parameters supplied in the URL. The original image has a parameter of 800X800 pixels, which is ideal to be viewed on a desktop. When the image is opened on a device such as mobile browser, on which the best view would be of lower resolution such as 400X400 – the image gets resized accordingly by height and width.


Here are a few upsides of using dynamic image resizing on the fly:

  • Enhanced experience for the end-user thanks to the universal device-responsiveness  image resizing brings on board.
  • Reduced storage space as developers do not need to store images that are not accessed by users until requested.
  • Images are processed ultra fast in the cloud. Hence, your emails become lighter and load times are decreased considerably.
  • Saves up on unnecessary wastage of resources like bandwidth since images called from the CDN are dynamically optimized according to the user’s screen resolution.  

Dynamic image resizing is resilient to failure, as explained by John Pignata of Amazon Web Services in this article.

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