Increase Your Subscriber Engagement with These Emails

“Remember that the best campaigns aren’t about you or what you want subscribers to do. They’re about your subscribers and what they want.”

Most retailers think about email marketing when they sell a product or service online, but they only think about promotional emails and newsletters when doing so. They forget that marketing emails isn’t limited to promo emails, it has a huge potential which is mostly left untapped by marketers.

So, the more you can stay in touch, the greater your chance of getting their attention and convert them into customers. Here are a few emails which the marketers are sending to their potential audience and customers to increase engagement and build relationship with them.


1. Nine West Promotes it’s Social Profile to Increase Engagement 




Increasing subscriber engagement is the top email marketing priority for marketers in 2014. The fashion retailer NineWest clearly knew that integrating emails with social media is a great way to expand the reach of your emails and increase engagement. NineWest has beautifully designed this email to encourage people to stay connected by giving them an option to connect with the brand across the social media channels they are active on.  

The subject line of the email also focuses on this, “Let’s Hang! We’re the Social type…” 


2. DSW Uses it’s Wishlist Email to Create Engagement 

The branded footwear retailer DSW uses its wishlist email to increase engagement with the subscribers. The whole email is designed keeping only engagement in mind, right from the image to the text in the email, even the primary call to action text encourages recipients to explore more.

Also, they have used a compelling subject line to engage people right from the start, “Thanks for using your Wish List–the fun is only beginning!”


3. Hipmunk Uses its Promotional Email to Drive Engagement


Its tricky to engage people through your promotional emails but Hipmunk has done it right, what makes this email so effective is its call to action text, which is very clear and strategically placed just below the great summer deals to encourage people to explore further while also creating urgency with the message. All the images of this email are clickable and takes you to the search page which is a good way to increase engagement.


4. Gilt Uses its Waitlist History to Engage Subscribers

Zoom takes recommendations based on subscribers browsing behavior to another level with this waitlist email. The email is structured to engage the subscribers by tailoring the content to match their taste by using the data from their waitlist history. Besides sending the emails with relevant product suggestions on the basis of their products they have on their waitlist, the email uses the opportunity to stay in touch before the subscriber is all set to make a purchase.

Not only that, the email includes a clear image of the product with the brand name and description (including the size, original and discounted price) leading to the individual landing page. The subject line also contributes towards creating an urge to open the email, “More items like M Missoni Metallic A-line Dress.”

The email also includes a link to their mobile app and two main social profile links in the footer to make it more engaging.


5. Barneys Newyork Announcement Email is Engaging




This announcement email from Barneys Newyork is great-looking & effective, the purpose and call to action of which is very clear. The inclusion of, “Download the Barneys New York app now!”  link in the preheader of the email is an excellent idea.

Also, they have included links to all their social profiles at the bottom of the email which is an excellent way to encourage people to stay connected. Thye copy of the email clearly lists the benefits of staying in touch by downloading their app.


Hope these examples will give you a dose of inspiration and will help you in making your email campaigns more engaging.