Inspirational Welcome Emails from Founders


Welcoming users with an email directly from the founder/CEO is similar to saying hello to your guests when they arrive at your party.

You have invited people to your website/app. Now please introduce yourself and make them feel welcome. Especially, a personal welcome email sent from one of the founders helps in establishing trust and cultivating a relationship as it is coming from a real person. People want to connect with real people

A welcome email is the very first email in every email campaign and doing it right will help you make a great first impression with your subscriber.

A study by Experian says that “welcome emails generate four times the total open rates and five times the click rates compared to other bulk promotions.”


Anatomy of a great Welcome email from the founder

We have collected some of the best welcome emails from the SAAS Founders & CEOs. Hope this can help you in creating great welcome emails to get the maximum interaction.


1. Send the welcome email immediately after sign-up

2. Sender’s address should be your company’s name or Founder’s personal email address

3. Make it personal (personalize with first name)

4. Keep it simple & sweet; from subject line to copy

5. Don’t overwhelm your subscriber with too much information

6. Promote one feature at a time

7. Include a single call-to-action at a time

8. Include not more than 3-4 links helpful links in your email

9. Set expectations on the types and frequency of emails you will be sending

10. Include customer support information & founder’s personal contact details

11. Add your photo and signature to personalize even more


1. Welcome Email – GrooveHQ

Subject Line: You’re in 🙂 | PLUS, a quick question…

Hey [First Name],

I really appreciate you joining us at Groove, and I know you’ll love it when you see how easy it is to deliver awesome, personal support to every customer.

We built Groove to help small businesses grow, and I hope that we can achieve that for you.

If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love it if you answered one quick question: why did you sign up for Groove?

I’m asking because knowing what made you sign up is really helpful for us in making sure that we’re delivering on what our users want. Just hit “reply” and let me know.

By the way, over the next couple of weeks, We’ll be sending you a few more emails to help you get maximum value from Groove. We’ll be sharing some tips, checking in with you and showing you how some of our customers use Groove to grow their businesses.



CEO, Groove


2. Welcome Email – Pocket

Subject Line: Welcome to Pocket!

We’re very excited that you have signed up for Pocket – the best way to access your content on any device, at any time.

The best way to get started is to add Pocket to your computer and any devices you own (Android, iPhone, iPad, or Kindle Fire).

Just follow the links below to get started:

Pocket for iPhone:

Pocket for iPad:

Pocket for Android:

Pocket for Kindle Fire:

Pocket for your computer:


That’s it!

Nate and the Pocket Team


3. Welcome Email – Buffer

Subject Line: Joel from Buffer – Amazing to have you on board!


I’m guessing it’s not every day that you sign up for a new service. That’s why I want to make sure everything is in place for you to feel welcome and at home. On the slightest whim, please drop us a line or Tweet us @bufferapp.

I hope you have already got the gist of using Buffer. If there is just one single tip for getting the most out of it, I’d say try the browser extension. I think you’ll love it. It’s a terrific way to amaze your friends and followers with awesome content you find on the web. Whenever you find something you want to share, click the Buffer icon in your browser. That’s it.

One last thing I want to say is that the whole team are always around, almost 24/7, to reply to your emails. In fact, you can just hit reply to this email or any others you receive from us. Whether you need help, have ideas or just want to say “hello”, we’ll get back to you within a few hours.

– Joel and the Buffer Team

P.S. In case you also want to connect with me personally, just Tweet me anytime @joelgascoigne


4. Sample Welcome Email

Hello [Contact.FirstName]

I just wanted to follow up with you personally, and make sure you were having a good experience using [Product].

Please let me know if I can provide you with a demo, connect you with anyone on our support team, or help in any way. My contact details are below.


[Your Name]

5. The Startup Toolkit Welcome Email

Hey [First Name],

Thanks for taking the time to check out STK. Give me a shout if you have any questions or if there’s anything else I can help with.

Stay well,
Founder Name
Founder | Mobile | Twitter


6. Quibb’s Welcome Email

Hey [First Name], a quick email to welcome you to Quibb. Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with – Feedback is very welcome during this early stage!

Wanted to quickly say ‘hi’ – great to have you as a quibb member! I hope you find the site useful in discovering great links for work. It looks like you’ve got the hang of things…also, let me know what tole/category you’re interested in, happy to offer some ‘who to follow’ recommendations!

Founder Name

product and contact details here


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